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I know I promised there would be no new years resolutions, but I had to make an exception for this one.. *inhale* I’m going to wake up early from now on *exhale*

I used to be very good at it too! But somewhere along the line I got lazy and started slacking again. I also promised myself that I wouldn’t blog about that kind of stuff anymore, but this is really blogrelated because it actually cuts into my knitting time. When I’m asleep I can’t knit (or get other stuff done so I can get to knitting). So here’s the resolutions.. I’m usually very bad with them (losing weight anyone?), but this is something that I’m really looking forward to. I usually get up around 8 but my brain lives in another time-zone apparently because I don’t really startup until past 10.

The other day my brain and I woke up simultaneously at 7 and after what felt like a whole morning I looked at the clock and it was only 10.30. Let me tell you: that felt really good! Today was my first day of not slacking and getting out of bed early, but I’m having a really slow day.. I’m hoping for progress during the next mornings..

Anyway I’ve also been thinking (dreaming?) about the vest thingy I’m trying to design. It’s already clear with what kind of yarn I’m planning to knit the thing, but I hadn’t decided on texture or lace an stuff. So I did some swatching with different needles and different styles but found them all too busy and distracting from the yarn itself. I love the tweedy structure the yarn has by itself, but I didn’t want it to be this massive thing. On the other hand I didn’t want it to be Swiss cheese either. So I decided to go with this pattern.


Especiallly the top half of the swatch. The small holes make it a bit more drapey because  there’s less weight, and it also makes it the slightest bit airy, without losing its character. The sleeves will be knit in plain stockinette stitch as a contrast, and because my arms and shoulders are always cold while working on the computer).

When I first made the four drawings I thought the first one was the best and I never thought the second one (the one I chose to knit) would be an actual candidate. But for some reason the people I asked all liked the second one best and considered the other ones to be ‘meh’. So I thought it through a bit more and decided they were all right.

design sketch

I was looking for something that can be worn differently whenever you want. Sometimes you want something to be open and sometimes it’s a bit too open. What I think works with this design is that the bottom is a closed tube and keeps your bottom warm (very nice in the winter when you wear short coats like me). But the top part can be worn like a standard cardigan, only it doesn’t flap all over the place when you walk (or in the wind). I don’t smoke but some of my friends do and as a consequence I get asked to stand outside for a minute.. so this could be convenient.

Also there are some rooms in the uni that can be very cold or very warm and then you want to get yourself a coffee at the coffee bar (which is located next to the side entrance…).

So anyway I think I made my point. I’ve already cast on and as I mentioned I’m working this vest top-down. I’m hoping to be able to show more progress soon, but I’m not quite there yet.

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  1. Wow, wat een prachtige tekeningen. En leuke ontwerpen zeg!
    Ik waág me niet aan kleding. Maar zo te zien gaat het bij jou wel lukken.

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