Hello and hello again… what’s this..? two posts in one day? Yes! it is..

I’ve been a little busy the last few days so even tho I really wanted to do some updating I haven’t had the time. There’s some things I want to change about the blog and there’s some things I want to update (like the about section….) but I can’t really find the time between work for the uni and other stuff.. So it’ll have to wait I think.

So far the blog has been very succesfull for me. I still have the illusion there’s actually some one reading my rants (I do have the occasional visitor) but it’s mostly because I never comment on other peoples blogs.. I should do that.. I’m more of a silent browser.. I visit the blogs but I never say hi.. I think I should 🙂
Anyway I was saying.. this blog has been very succesfull for me.. I wanted to get my hobby life organized and it’s getting better and better.. I really like to pick up my journaling again but my little petit journal is too small to handle the huge amounts of newspaper and paint.. so it’s exploding already.. I know I have a nice moleskine one lying around but that too will have to wait for now 🙂

The thing I really wanted to share is my very first knitting design. It’s not a lot yet and it’s very very simple but still! it came out of my head 🙂 so I like it. I already had a little oopsie with it so I had to redo a little part but it’s worth it. I wanted something to do with the 100% orange silk stash my grandmother gave me but I couldn’t figure out what to do with it. It’s light fingering weight and it’s very very slippery..I already gave it a name.. I don’t know if it suits it but it’s something to call it right? 🙂

sunrise pattern

The booklet is a moleskine with lines and it’s quite handy. At first I wanted to make it like a shirt without sleeves but I’m not sure if I still want to do that. Because it’s silk and I’m prone to fudge up SOMEthing eventually it’s best to stay clear from knitting math. So the second I dea was to make a slim and stretchy waistline and a poofy top held together with an elastic. Something like lelah but the top poofy part should be a little lacy, below the boobline there’s a ribbon holding everything in place so the poofy part looks even more poofy (is that even a word??). I totally can’t wait untill it’s done.


As you can see I’m already done with the mind numbing ribbing which is now about 8″ long. I recon I can block it so it becomes 1″ longer (I’m short). Anyway I’m doing the holes for the ribbon now and then I can start working on the increases and the pattern.

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