sun setting for sunrise..?

I never thought creating a first knitting design would be simple. No matter how simple the design may seem. As can be seen in the previous post sunrise is basically a tube top with a poofy upper part. This should not be that difficult people.. there’s a lot of room for error because of the 4×4 rib.. it’s stretchy.. the ribbon beneath the boobs should be able to hold everything in place, the poofy part should cover the boobage and the elastic reenforced 4×4 rib above should be able to hold the tube in place. Why does it have to be so hard…?

Allow me to explain.


See, I have a little knitting booklet where I write down all the patterns I use. I do this because otherwise I’ll have to carry a whole lot of paper with me whenever I want to knit on the road. (and I tend to do that). Hence the booklet. It’s very convenient because most of the patterns can be broken down to charts for easy knitting. The only problem is this: you need to make very sure you write it down right.
And I did not.

So I knit and frogged and actually managed to re-knit and re-frog the whole poofy lace part only to find out I’d had a little oopsie with the charting. *bangs head against wall*

So I frogged it again, and checked the lace pattern and rewrote the chart. Now hopefully I can fix the dropped stitches (because of the frogging.. I’m too lazy to do 330 stitches for 5 rows just one by one…….).
argh… no picture today.. I’m too sad 😛

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