still busy..

I’m still busy with the preparations for the tour. So far I’ve washed one fleece and dyed one of the ones that had been washed already. These fleeces aren’t as soft as the ones from around here, but they’ll be good enough to be used as weft for a nice weaving project. I’ll use some yarn in my stash for the warp and hope to make some nice blanket/ poncho.

I started out with this. It’s already nice and clean but it’s a little dry for my taste. I tried to card a bit and ended up with white flakes everywhere around the house. I tried the other fleece and it looked very similar.

I’m not sure how these fleeces were washed, but it might explain why they’re so dry. Pulling them apart with my fingers (again) left short staple white fiber all over the place. I decided to dye the fiber and see what would happen next. In de worst case scenario I’d use the wool as stuffing and focus on the other fleeces I have left (Castlemilk Moorit, Wensleydale and BFL).

I don’t want to get bored during the tour and it tends to get really boring spinning the same color for two weeks straight, so I decided to dye the wool in two batches. The first one using red and yellow and the second one using yellow and blue. I love the colors and I love the feel of it all… it reminds me of one of my favorite video games: Mario Golf.

I forgot to take any pictures of the second batch because of the dramatic events that took place. I had used too much water to turn my yellow dye powder into liquid yellow dye and to top it off I hadn’t sealed the whole thing off properly. The result was a huge green colored pool in my microwave. I always place my fleece/dye bundle in a deep plate but even that couldn’t stop the flood.

I don’t like the sharp change in colors so I had partly intended to use a little too much water so the colors could blend. I ended up using way too much and causing a flood. The good news, however, is that the plan worked and I now have a great gradient from yellow to green to blue!

The laudry mesh bag doesn’t help show off the colors. This picture, for once, does. Another extra added bonus is the fiber quality. For some reason during the dye process the fleece became a little bit softer and a bit less dry. I don’t think I’ll need to card at all because the fiber is really fluffy and drafts easily.

A little close up to show the fluffiness of the fiber.

And another one to show how easy it is to draft the fiber.

I’m not sure if I’m seeing what I want to see or if the fiber quality has actually improved during the dyeing process, but it seems to show on this picture.

On a non-fiber related post I’d like to show you something tasty 🙂 Cherry tomatoes are my favorite! There’s still a lot of little green tomatoes left and the plant is already working on some new little ones! I love planting things…  Last but not least I’d like to share a picture of Noodles. She really really reaaallly enjoys sleeping on unwashed fleece.. She (and Kiwi) enjoy this so much I left the final batch unwashed.. 😛

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