One of the things I really enjoy about blogging is the statistical data. It’s one of those awesome things only become awesome when you’ve been blogging for a while.
I’m usually not all that occupied with the number of vies my blog gets, but it’s always very interesting to see where my viewers come from and what they were looking for when they stumbled upon my little blog. I’ve already mentioned the number of people who found my blog because I mentioned something about space invaders once or twice (linky). But there’s something I’ve been trying to ignore for a very long time now, and I’m afraid I’m just going to have to give it some attention on the blog here.

Last post I wrote something about the Ninja mask of awesomeness. I knit this mask in December 2010, snapped some pictures, blogged and Ravved about it and then moved on to other projects. In the mean time these pictures have become rather popular on Flickr and are my most viewed photos. Ever.

Here’s my top 3 of all the images I have on flickr.

#1: 2,375 views and 14 faves
ninja m a s k of awesomeness wip

#2: 2,227 views and 14 faves
ninja m a s k of awesomeness wip

#3: 1,990 views and 18 faves
FO: ninja bike m a s k

and here’s #4: 634 views and 0 faves
FO: Dryad

My top 20 viewed pictures on Flickr:
Nina Mask of Awesomeness: 10x
Handspun Dryad: 9x
FO Vaila 1x

Just out of curiosity I decided to see what kind of people had viewed (and favorited) my pictures, and noticed that they all have one thing in common: a lot of masked (mainly) women in their favorited images. Preferably scarcely dressed. Don’t get me wrong, I have no intention of removing these images (lol). I took these photos to show a work in progress, and then I put them on the internet. I just find it really funny that these are my most viewed of all the pictures I’ve posted online.

Every year I read through the list of search terms that guide people to my blog and here’s some of the best from 2015:
Many people have been searching information about the bliss spinning wheel and how to make faux lags.
One of the search terms was “” which I found really awesome 😀
Another one was “laryngitis sucks” which is also a title of one of my blog posts.. it does suck btw.
One of the search terms was “lilirious knittss” which means at least 1 person out there was looking for me <3 Thank you!

So I guess it shouldn’t be a shocker to see that my Bliss review post was the most viewed post of 2015 (not counting the home page). The second and third most viewed posts are about the Persian rugs and the fiber prep. So maybe I should make more tutorial style posts?

While typing this post I decided to search for “organize” and found 30 posts where I mention something about organizing either my life, my stash or something else that’s in desperate need of some organization. All my life I’ve been fighting the battle against clutter and total chaos. I hate having to hide behind the standard “creative people are messy” quotes, because they are simply not true. Creative people are messy because they spend time on a lot of things expect the organization of their stuff. Want to know why? because every thing takes a LOT more time when you have to keep searching for the things you’re looking for. Want to make a drawing? Need a pen? “Where did I put that particular pen…” “Now where could I have put this particular part of my airbrush” “Hey I’m looking for this and this part of my knitting”

or this one: “Honey, have you seen my keys..?”

I’m a creative person, but I’m totally done living in a world where I have to keep looking for stuff. I want my house to be organized. I want my flickr page to be organized. I want my blog to be organized. I wanted to write a post about socks and I spent a good 10 minutes scanning through my flickr photos of 2015 because I keep forgetting to tag my pictures (this is an example of how simple things take a lot of time if you use the “I’m a creative person, hence I live in chaos” excuse like I do).


I bought a book by Marie Kondo named: The life changing magic of tying up. I’ve read most of it and it’s already changed the way I think about a lot of things. According to Marie Kondo it takes around 6 months to clean and de-clutter all of my stuff, so I’m going to post regular updates. According to this book the key to a clean house is surrounding yourself by things that make you happy. I’m going to try and use here method to finally declutter my house. I’m going to use her book as a guide and I’m going to follow through. How am I going to teach a kid to keep their room tidy when I can’t even keep the house tidy. I have these big clean spurts and then the clutter gradually comes back. It’s such an incredible waste of time.

I’m going to start on monday. Why monday? Because I have other plans tomorrow. Otherwise, I would’ve started tomorrow. As luck would have it, the day after tomorrow is a monday.

wish me luck.

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  1. Interesting about the stats and most viewed images.:) Especially funny the search topics that can lead back to your blog.
    I do have to say I love tutorials on blogs. I learn so much from fellow bloggers!

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