Spinning and weaving..

The more you spin, the more you learn about spinning and about the awesome shops that are out there.
First and foremost: my favorite Indie dyer and overall enabler: Dutch Wool Diva

She has awesome hand dyed yarns and fiber and here’s my recent purchase


The kid mohair (the one on the right) now looks like this:


I’m hoping to use this as weft for my next weaving project, so it’s not a big problem if the singles aren’t that strong

This is what it looked like on the wheel. It was the first time I spun kid mohair on the wheel and I’m very happy with the way it turned out. I think I’ll spin more kid mohair in the future 🙂

Dutch wool diva fibers

I’ve also been spinning the one on the left (merino) on my 15 gram turkish spindle.

Schermafbeelding 2013-10-30 om 19.53.09

I really like the color changes and decided to make faux lags (just like for this project) to preserve the colors.


So far I’m really loving the color changes and I’ve only spun 2 faux lags!

I’d also like to say something about my new favorite etsy shop. Nunoco.

batts and goodies

I wanted some nice batts to spin for a weaving project and they were recommended to me by some spinning friends on ravelry. I went through their shop and fell in love with so many different things I didn’t know what to do with myself. In the end I chose two colors just to try them out.

I’m always a bit hesitant to order batts and such via mail. It’s an unfounded fear, but I’m always afraid that they’ll get squished and lose all their bounce and airiness.

When I got the package though, the batts were super fluffy and not squished at all (yay!).


I absolutely love the colors! I really just want to cuddle with these batts! (it’s no wonder I haven’t started spinning just yet). These batts are all merino and silk and have silk noil in them for a lovely texture.


I really love the colors together and I’m very excited to start some spinning!


Don’t they look cute? 🙂

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