sneaking up on a cat..

Chronicles of Kiwi

This cat and my new camera seem to get along famously 🙂 I’m still not entirely sure I’m using it the right way, but I know I’ll get better (eventually).

Chronicles of Kiwi

I always try to sneak up as close as I can, but I’ve never managed to actually surprise a cat. Anyway, you probably came here for knitting content, so OP deliver.


I’m finally working on my strokkur again and I cant wait for it to be done! It’s so nice and warm (I really fell in love with Lopi), and I’m very excited for the color work part 🙂

Handspun yarn

I added some ply twist to this handspun here and I think it really helped 🙂 I’m not sure what to do with it just yet, but I really like the added twist 🙂


I finished my BF’s Christmas sweater and published the pattern (Deerception). I know it’s a bit late for Christmas sweaters (being published on December 10th), but I assure you I had a very good reason to be late.

See, when I was done knitting and sewing I decided to wash it. Unfortunately for me I did two things wrong.

First: I washed it waay too hot. I always make very hot baths for my knitting. As a spinner I know the value of a good wash and I also know that yarn can take quite a beating when it comes to hot washes. It’s just the combination between hot and agitation. For that matter if you agitate it long enough you can felt knitting in cold water as well.

Why wash with cold water?

I know that yarn can bleed, so I added not one, not two, but three color catchers to be safe… but the moment I placed my sweater in the bath the yarn bled like a pig 🙁

I watched in horror as the beautiful bright white went to stained pink in less than three seconds. I cried. I got mad. I said a lot of very nasty things to myself. I searched the web, asked more experienced knitters on Rav, but was too impatient to wait another day.

I decided to duplicate stitch the pink parts and cut out the pink yarn. As you can see it’s working quite well. It’s slow, but it’s nearly perfect.

I did get another solution that might really work for me, but I’m too scared to try it out. I’ll try it out on a swatch and if I see that it works I’ll be sure to post it here! I know I can’t be the only one who had this happen. 😛



It may not seem like a lot, or it may not seem that bad but the BF won’t wear it if it’s pink. If he hadn’t seen it with the white he may not have even noticed. But he loved it when it was white, and he said it in the nicest way possible (so I can’t even blame him). But he won’t wear it.

Truth be told I won’t even look at it.. The pink must go. Yesterday!

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