Smaller needles

You know, I’m just curious about one thing.. how do all of you lace knitting people do it?? I’m learning everything from the internet and I’m happy with the huge amount of information available , but there’s just one thing I can’t seem to grasp:

In some lace patterns for shawls and scarfs it’s recommended to use a 3,5mm needle for 2-ply yarn, but when I follow this advice my swatches look just awful and nothing like the pretty lace knits I see on the pictures that come with the patterns…
An example of this is my swatch for the Print O’ the Wave Stole by Eunny Jang, I’ve knitted this swatch with a 1,5mm needle for a 2-ply yarn I bought from HipKnits, and as you can see on the image the difference between the K and the YO isn’t that big.. or at least the K isn’t forming a fabric.. I miss the contrast..

Ofcourse maybe it’s supposed to be that way, but I just don’t really understand how to do it.. should I knit htis with a 1mm?? is that even possible? :S

print o the wave swatch

print o the wave by Eunny Jang

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