I believe I can say this was the strangest summer we’ve had in a few years. The spring was incredibly hot and the actual summer was (is) cold and rainy. It’s almost as if we skipped spring and just went ahead with summer and fall. I still wonder what fall will be like this year. Besides that there’s also the the move. We’re still not completely done unpacking and because of that there’s so much stuff everywhere I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed. I’ve been avoiding my ‘creative room’ for a few weeks because I simply can’t stand being there for longer than a minute. It makes me sad really, but we’re doing the best we can and at the moment that’s not much 😛 Apparently you need space to make space for stuff.. so it’s a slow process but I just need to make sure I keep my knitting/ spinning levels high so I can manage the stress of a messy home.

Ever since this years tour de fleece I’ve been spinning a lot more than I usually do. I feel like spinning because it doesn’t involve any thinking (and counting) so it’s nice to spend some time clearing my head while my hands are busy. I’ve been practicing on my russian spindle and I’m seriously loving it! I think I’m starting to find what’s working for me best and I think supported spindles just might be it. I may have to start collecting them now.. the horror *wink*

I carded the rest of the gotland fleece I had into rolags and went for it. I’m really enjoying the process because it’s incredibly intuitive. I feel like I’ve been doing this all my life (or maybe that’s because I’ve had practice with the takhli spindle) but it’s really working for me. I think I had a 75 grams of gotland and now I’ve spun nearly 25 grams. I thought the spindle was full so I unwound and andean plied it to a 2-ply laceweight yarn. I’m still a bit shocked about it but the spindle wasn’t actually full when I unwound the yarn. This time I’m going for maximum weight just to see how much yarn I can fit on the spindle.

Here’s a little picture of me wrapping the yarn onto my hand for the andean bracelet. It’s odd to think that so much yarn can be wrapped around a spindle. Especially with supported spindles because you won’t feel the weight until you lift it up, whereas with a drop spindle you’d notice when your singles keep breaking (lol).

So I was sitting in the sun on the last sunny day we had and held the spindle with my feet as I wound the single onto my hand. It sure looks elegant doesn’t it?

I ended up with a 120m of laceweight 2 ply which I’m intending to weave into a scarf for myself. I’m thinking of using a black yarn as warp and the handspun as weft, but I’m not sure about the pattern just yet. It doesn’t really matter though, the yarn feels nice and soft and I think it’ll work out as a scarf/ shawl so I guess we’ll have to see 🙂

Here’s the little hank with a 5 eurocent coin added for scale. I’m loving the color and the fineness of the yarn, I believe it’s some of my finest spinning yet and I think it’s the beginning of a lot of fine spinning. I think spinning fine is awesome because you can make it as thick as you want by plying the singles. I also like the effect a multiple plied yarn has over a really fat single. Anyway maybe I just think that because I’m trying to spin for weaving hehe

I’ve also been working “hard” on spinning the batts I had handcarded during TdF. Each batt weighs about 25 grams and by now I think I’m working on my 3d or 4th batt. I still have to card the other half of the rovings but I don’t have any room. A batt takes much more space than roving I noticed.. maybe it’s because it’s all soft and fluffy.

Before I start spinning I roll up my batt and draft a roving. This way the colors get to blend once again and I end up with a nice depth of color. It’s spinning up quite nicely and I’m thinking of a cardigan of sorts. I know it’s going to be chain plied but I’m not sure what the yardage (meterage?) will be so I’ll have to wait and see.

One thing about me is that I have a great memory when it comes to my early childhood. I remember things from when I was 1 years old for instance. Things my parents didn’t know I knew and things we don’t even have any pictures of. This like this sensitive mimosa plant up here.

When I was 1-2 years old I remember we lived near the Caspian Sea and we used to have one (much bigger version) of these. It’s a sensitive plant and when you touch the leaves they close. We have no pictures of it and there’s no impressive storytelling about the plant. Just me and my memory. When I told my mom she was shocked I remembered, but when I showed her I had found the plant she was even more surprised!

So this is me poking the leaves and the top part of the leaves closing as I touch them.

And this is what it looks like a few seconds later. If you don’t know this plant: go buy it at the intratuin and you can see a (not mine) video on youtube here)

Another long post to make up for the lack of regular short posts 🙂

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