Secret scarves and Frankenyarn

So I just finished my secret socks and started on the secret scarf only to find out I wasn’t too happy with the pattern. First of all it took me three or four times to get the amount of stitches right for the cast-on… I continued and pretended that this was not one hell of a bad omen. So I had a knitpro cable through the cast on instead of a piece of waste yarn because I thought it’d be ‘smart’.. so I end up with a nasty pain in my wrists because of the stiffness of the cable… the slipped stitches, the nasty cast on (please note if you want to start Henry: it’s probably just me but the pattern is a bit annoying to ‘just knit while doing other stuff’…) the rather tedious Β pattern, the fact that the pattern would look really ‘not handknit but storebought’ and on top of that a stupid mistake on my part is what did henry in… There was no more hope because in a rather frustrated fit of rage I frogged the whole thing to shreds to protect myself from wanting to start over again once I was sober again…

I was right tho.. the next morning I felt a tinge of regret but that was just about the fact that I had spent so much time on redoing it.. this pattern is clearly not for me. I still think it looks great but it’s just not for me…

I thought about it some more and realized I don’t want anything that looks like it’s storebought. Even tho it’s handknit.. why would I want to make something that looks like I just bought it? Especially since I spent so much time looking for a spectacular sock like the Sheherezade slippers?

So I went looking on rav until I found something I really liked. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:Β Glenn’s scarf. The instant I laid eyes on this project I fell in love with it. This was exactly what I was looking for πŸ™‚ It’s manly and sophisticated, but also interesting to knit and to look at. There’s texture but also style. I love the textured squares and the lines ahhh πŸ™‚ So I’m knitting this up with a doubled drops alpaca yarn. I have 4 skeins but I might have to buy some more, I’m not sure yet πŸ™‚

Eric's scarf

Again, evening pictures make the color look a bit weird, but it’s the same navy blue as the other pix.

Eric's scarf
In the meantime there’s also been some experimenting with the new takhli spindle and cotton πŸ™‚ Did I mention I LOVE that thing? πŸ˜‰Β So I’m new to the whole cotton spinning and I’m not really sure what I can and can’t do with it. I got a whole lot of roving but I also got a lot of ‘raw’ cotton (is it fleece?). Fortunately I have handcards, unfortunately they’re not fine enough for cotton, but since I have no other option I just tried carding it with the ashford student handcards and it worked just fine! I was able to spin a bit quite neatly and I might even be able to make me some nice even punies to spin from πŸ™‚

cotton/ bfl handspun

So while trying some things out I plied a bit with the BFL roving I had spun up and I got some really nice yarn πŸ™‚ The problem is I don’t knit if it’s smart or not? Is it? can anybody tell me what kind of monster I just created? πŸ˜› lol

I understand if the tree of you reading this decide to ignore my calls πŸ˜‰

cotton/ bfl handspun

One thing lead to another and the cotton and wool created a swatch together… the colors reminded me of spring and autumn at the same time (wtf right :P) so that might be what the leaf stands for, but I like how the cottom seems to tame the explosive colors a bit πŸ™‚

will become haruni :)

For some weird reason I’ve become very organized in my knitting. I have an actual queue in my head of which project I will finish first. This one is for my aunt Shahin. She’s very nice and she’s the mom of my favorite cousin so I thought it’s time to knit her something pretty. I wanted to knit her socks but with size 41 I realized that this is really not going to happen πŸ˜› So I decided on the Haruni with beads. I don’t have the beads yet because they’ll be placed on the last row of the leaf pattern but I’ll have to get them soon because the deadline is somewhere halfway september because it’s her birthday πŸ™‚ busy busy!

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