Our little bunny Zuzu, first of her name, terror of cats, sister of Bam and ruler of the garden is no more. Her ladyship has been put to rest after a very sudden and short sickbed. She will forever be missed.


She was such an incredible badass, I can’t believe it. I never would’ve guessed a bunny could have so much personality and be such a diva. I guess you have to live with one to really understand them.

With the unfortunate loss of Zuzu, we also had to say goodbye to Bam. With two small kids and a shop it wasn’t possible to give him the extra attention (and ofcourse a new friend). But he’s found an incredibly loving home today, with a new friend and a new loving mommy who can give him what we couldn’t.

It was a very, very tough decision and it’s still very raw, but it’s for the best. He’ll have a new friend (which he already likes! yay!), and Zuzu will always be in our memories.

I’m always one to find the hardest way to do something. I’m a difficult human being, I guess, but I swear I don’t always do it on purpose. Sometimes it just happens to me πŸ˜› Like picking phones. Before there was Android there was Bada. I got myself a new phone with the Bada software and then Android became super popular and nobody was making any apps for Bada anymore. Then I moved to Android but fell in love with Windows Phone. It was very interesting and I moved to Windows Phone because Google was pushing Google+ and I wasn’t interested. Well, guess what. Nobody makes apps for windows phone either so I finally moved to IOS.

One of the main reasons I kind of lost my blogging mojo is the fact that I couldn’t take pictures with my phone. Remember the days when I took pictures with my camera and edited them etc. Well, with two kids and a shop there’s not a lot of time left for editing. But if I can’t take any pictures with my phone, I’m forced to take them with my camera, and as such have to transfer them to my laptop with a cable and all of that nonsense takes time.

So now I have a new Iphone and it takes great pictures. So I’m back to blogging. YAY.

So here’s some knitting. Unfortunately this picture is OLD and I mean realllly old. But it’s ok, because if I wait for time and daylight for new pictures I probably won’t blog ever again. This here is a shawl/ vest I’m working on in Scheepjes Whirl yarn. I designed this shawl somewhere in the late 2013, but I wasn’t happy with the way it looked and felt it needed some adjustments here and there. I’ve attempted it twice more, but the yarns were never a good match.

I changed the chart and made some adjustments and it’s working perfectly now. It’s exactly what I hoped it would be, but I think it’s because of the yarn.

I’m also working on this secret project. I’m halfway done now, but I can’t show you yet. Sorry!

This thing… I’ve been dreaming about this thig for a while now, but I have to finish this one before I can start:

I’m totally into brioche right now. Nothing too dificult, just plain old two color brioche in the round with some color chaning yarns (scheepjes luca and scheepjes vinci). The pattern is my own and it’s free to download HERE.

I also took a look at my sock drawer (and the accidents with the moths) and decided I needed new socks. I’m all for vanilla socks but I need them to be interesting too, so I got me two of these sockblacks handpainted by the amazing Valerie. Check out here shop HERE.

LOOK at that! they’re so amazing! I’m going to love these while knitting. But it gets so much better! While browsing the webs (with a broken phone) I found these babies:

Operation sock drawer is already working out the way I hoped. It’s a sock knitting witch! gotta love this one!

A more recent picture of the shawl/vest thingie and the amazing oilcloth boxbag I bought from Ja Wol in Rotterdam, handmade by Yellow Stitch Bags.

So now I’m going to bore you with kid updates πŸ˜€ It’s surprising how quickly they grow up. Whlie you’re in the middle of it, it seems like things will never change and you’ll always spend your nights changing diapers. But suddenly they’re big and they can produce words you can understand. So weird.

In the mean time, I’ve slowly been going back to work, and boy have I needed it. I can’t sit still and I can’t stay at home and do nothing all day. The longer I stay home, the less I can manage on a day. It’s shocking really πŸ˜›

The seasons are changing and it’s time for warm handknits/ crochets for the babies. Because of the last moth-scare I decided to finish up all my stash. I’m actually going to do it. I have a LOT of crazy awesome yarns and I’ve been keeping them for “the right project”. Now I’ve finally found my right project: baby knits. I’m going to finish my entire stash working on quick baby things. I bought a lot of things with a lot of plans in mind, but I never got around to actually make them. So it wasn’t meant to be. Done. I’ve already put every single thing in ziploc bags and I’m going to finish them one by one πŸ™‚

For a little whlie I was afraid I would’t get to wear baby again, because she didn’t like it and she didn’t like her binky either. Both issues have resolved themselves haha. See what I’m wearing? Yes, that’s a knitted vest. One I BOUGHT… somebody kick me.

Next time I post a picture of these two, they’ll be wearing at least 1 handknit/ crochet item! That’s a promise! πŸ™‚

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