One thing I’ve learned over the past few years is that when a project doesn’t get finished in a reasonable amount of time there’s either something wrong with my choice of yarn or I don’t really like the project anymore.

This project, unfortunately, is one of them. I wanted to knit my mom a knotty as well because she told me she would really like to have a pair of red knotty gloves as well. So I decided to go crazy and make her a handspun knotty. As it turned out the handpun should’ve been a 2 ply instead of a 3 ply and the knitting hurt my wrists.

I still really wanted to knit my mom a pair of warm and red gloves and I felt really bad so I ordered a pair of red drops alpaca. I feel a little sad about abandoning the handspun knotty project, but I guess I can still use the yarn to knit some other project she might like.

I decided to buy three more balls of alpaca because of the alpaca festival discount. I got a white one for the new jacket I’m going to knit (more about that soon), a purple one to knit some hat for in the winter, and the red/purple one to finish my mittens 🙂

I also still have three untouched skeins of drops delight left for some nice socks and I also have two skeins that have partly been used.

So the coming weeks I’ll have enough yarn for some nice smaller projects like the gloves, socks and hats. In the past weeks I’ve also been working on an older project which, I felt, really fits in the re-do post. I’m not frogging this project but it totally falls in the wrong yarn choice department. I really detest knitting this yarn. It’s horrible. It hurts my wrists. Every stitch is a constant battle of pulling and forcing the yarn through loops. On the other hand I love the way it looks and I know that, once it’s done, it’s going to look exactly the way I pictured it. *le sigh*

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