With schools starting and all I’ve been a little preocupied. But now I’m back again and ready for the knitting action! I haven’t had te thime to start sewing the things in my queue from the last posts yet but I have ordered some more yarn for some new projects. stash

I’ve already started on the brown alpaca yarn and I’m working on Vaila at the moment and am working on the sleeves. The purple one is destined to become a Central Park Hoodie and the grey one will become a nice set of long mitts for which I haven’t decided on the pattern yet…

Vaila wip

Anyway, here’s Vaila 🙂 The body took 4 skeins and now theres only 1 left to make the sleeves and to make the hem longer. I’m don’t think I’ll be able to make all of those with just one skein but it might just be possible.

The pattern for this sweater is written as a bottom-up knit. I started bottom up first but ended up making the whole thing way too big. I have something against loose knits, which is why I never liked to wear knitted garnments as a kid, but now that I’m knitting myself and I can decide the final look of my knits I really don’t want them to be loose. After some searching I found out that I could also knit the sweater top-down. I have no experience with top-down knitting and this would be my first ever top-down sweater.. This is me… I’ve never done something before… I really want to learn to to something.. so how do I learn? I try to learn by modding an existing bottom-up sweater to a top-down one… yea.. that’ll work.. hihi

I’m still surprised to say that it did, but it’s no thanks to me tho! I found some great notes by fellow raveler NessaRenee. Without these notes It would’ve been a huge mess 🙂

I was very surprised to see how fast a sweater like this grows..I’ve been knitting on the Arisaig for what seems like forever and I’ve only just got to the huuuge ribbing of the right front part….. with no end in siiiiiight omg this knit is driving me crazy….

Thankfully there’s a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel tho… the back part is finished and I just fool myself by saying that I’m over halfway done hahaa 🙂

arisaig back wip

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