progression of wips

When looking at my wips on Ravelry I tend to get a bit anxious. Some of them are old. Like 2012, and 2013 old. Some of them are still hibernating and aren’t unpacked yet (I’ve been living here since 2015…). I think some of those projects might not make it to be honest. I need to either frog them or finish them because this is ridiculous.

Thankfully, other projects are getting on just fine. I do love the endless stockinette bit, because these days I seriously can’t brain.

In the ‘can’t brain’ category I decided to do some mohair 80s sweater thing and this is how the swatch is turning out. Double held mohair rhythm by Scheepjes. I’m going to use 5 colors in the sweater (which will be adapted a bit because I’m not walking around in an actual 80s sweater). The whole process was really relaxing and quite pleasant, so I’m actually looking forward to knitting this intarsia sweater!

While helping a customer I saw an amazing colour combination in the Rico Alpaca Dream section and I decided to knit a colourwork yoke sweater for Ma’iq. The pattern is called Frost, and is actually written for smaller needles and a finer yarn, but I’ve adapted it to work with 8mm needles.

In other news I bought a 3D pen since I’ve wanted one ever since I found out they existed. There’s some getting used to and a bit of a learning curve, but OMG it’s such an amazing invention!

I’m not sure what this was supposed to be, but I’m experimenting with wood PLA, which is plastic that contains 20% wood fiber. It feels rough to the touch and it behaves a bit less plasticy than ordinary pla. It’s also matte instead of shiny.

A short and sweet update, I’m going to get back to knitting before the kid wakes up 😛

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