Preparations for TdF2012

Last year was my first ‘real’ Tour de Fleece. I didn’t join in the fun the year before because I had only just started spinning and I had no idea what I was doing 😛 I guess this also explains the newbie mistakes I made last year. I ordered my spindle too late (a month before the tour is too late for a handmade spindle), and I didn’t do any fiber prepping before the tour. I started the dying and blending during the tour, which took up a lot of my precious spinning time.

This year I’m going to be prepared. I have a few goals for this years tour and I’m preparing accordingly. I want to finish the BF’s tomten vest so he can wear it this fall/ winter. This is the most important goal I have this year because I’ve already been working on this vest for nearly a year and I’m not planning to take any longer to finishing it.

Once I’ve made sure I have enough yarn for this project I’m going to work on some nice medium weight singles. I want to use them for a weaving project later on and I don’t want to have to ply. The only problem is the carding. I have a set of ashford student hand carders (which I love btw), but these can only be used for the rough sort of work.

I’ve learned to like the sorting/ washing process since I learned to use BIOTEX. Unfortunately this batch was quite dirty and there’s some stuff that didn’t want to come out during the washing, but will definitely come out during the carding process… good times..

But this happens first…

And all of this comes out.. it always amazes me how dirty fleeces can get.. I do understand why ofcourse but it still amazes me…

This is part of one whole fleece but I couldn’t fit it all in one of the washing bags so I separated them into three smaller parts.

The fleece is white mixed with a bit of gray on the bottom and brownish/ creamy parts. I love the colors.

It’s a merino fleece my mom brought from Iran, and unfortunately it’s not a soft as a NZ merino, not that I was expecting that but still 😛 The fleece I buy in NL is dirty too, but it’s a different kind of dirt. We have a lot of rain and a lot less sand and dust. Compared to ‘European’ fleece, this fleece contained a lot more sand and dust. Surprisingly it was much less oily, but perhaps that’s because of all the dust. The climate must have something to do with it I guess.

I’ll have to card this fleece as well before I can use it, but I won’t be dying it. I’ll try to make a separation between the colors and see if there’s a distinct difference in the spun yarn.

I’d also like to work on the castlmilk moorit and the rest of the brown/ gray wensleydale I have left, but it’s not a priority. I love spinning these fleeces, but it’s something I’d enjoy spinning on any day, while I feel the TdF is more of a ‘hardcore’ spinning experience..

There’s so much I want to work on at once, but there’s only me and I have to make better use of my time… *le sigh* I wish there was either more of me or more hours in one day 🙂

I’d like to leave you with kiwi overseeing the washing process.. because.. cat 😛

One thought on “Preparations for TdF2012

  1. Good luck on your venture this year. Sounds like you have everything lined up and ready to go. I cannot wait to see the beauties you create.
    Being a complete spinning virgin, I am freaking out over how dirty fleece is. Guess I am extremely spoiled! 🙂
    I will be following your progress.

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