I started out typing a blog a few days ago, telling about all the things that had happened and then a lot of other things in happened and I forgot about the blog… so here’s my second attempt at blogging πŸ™‚

Before I start I need to tell you about todays events. Today we lost (and found) our kitty Noodles. Last night we had a lot of visitors and when the BF came home at night she slipped out of the house and went into the shared (and closed off) stairway. We didn’t notice and we all went to bed. This morning we spent a lot of time searching but we didn’t find her. We posted signs all over the place and we still didn’t find her. We were worried sick and we were all really very sad.

Lucky for us and our kitty my dad knew about one place she could’ve been hiding. All the way downstairs below the steps three older doors were stored. Standing against the wall on their sides. Obviously we didn’t know that but he did and he saw her and went down immediately. We found her hiding behind the doors looking terrified, tired, hungry and especially dusty.

I’m just so happy we have her back but it freaked us all out. Our cats are indoor cats and they only hang out on the balcony (we live on the 2nd floor). They’ve never been outside since when they were in the shelter when they were 6 weeks old. Noodles is doing well. She ate a whole can (small can) of kitty food and sniffed around a lot. She spent the rest of the day sleeping. I for one am annoyed at myself that we passed the place where she was hiding multiple times during the day, but we didn’t see her. πŸ™

Thankfully all went well and I can talk about knitting and spinning (and something else!)

I’d like to start with a little update on the BF’s tomten vest. It’s growing and it’s nice and mindless but I’m enjoying the process a lot!

What I love about garter stitch is that you can’t really see how it’s growing but it does grow. It’s actualy longer than it seems so I guess that’s also part of the reason behind me loving garter stitch.

I got it!! I ordered an IST Crafts Russian spindle in Brazillian Kingwood and I LOOVE it! I had never spun on a russian spindle before but it works almost the same as a takhli spindle, but a lot more comfortable! I love spinning on it already and I found a little sauce bowl I bought at a local Asian store which works perfectly!)

I’ve been trying out some BFL but now I’m spinning the 75 grams of gotland I had left from this post. This is the second practice mini-hank:

It’s an andean plied yarn and I love the way it turned out! I can’t believe how thin you can spin with this spindle and it feels great!.

So obviously I’ve spent a lot of time playing but this is not the only reason I’ve been away for so long.

I found this (8 shaft, 10 treadle) countermarch loom on the internet and I could pick it up the day after! It belonged to an elderly lady who had passed and so I could also pick up the smaller 4 shaft table loom and all the wool that was left. There were also a few of her handwoven things. I felt really sad about her passing but I also think she would’ve been happy that the loom is being used.

It feels really odd to go through the stuff I took home. It smells like it doesn’t belong to me (well obviously) and some of it is a bit dusty because it hadn’t been used for a while.

A handwoven shawl πŸ™‚

A large amount of handwoven wool fabric. I didn’t know what to do with this fabric because it was such a large amount. I felt the pattern wasn’t something I could wear but I thought my mom would probably like it a lot. (she loved it).

This is another handwoven fabric. I love these colors as they remind me of the sunnier days in early autmun forrests.

See how well it goes with the revived yellow rose? I love the bright yellow color! And since we’re talking about plants I think I should mention this one thing that happened.

So the BF’s brother came to stay over and he planted some pepper seeds. Red Habanero, yellow peper and red peper seeds to be exact… I’m curious to see how this evolves hehe..

I’ve also been weaving ofcourse! I tried the loom out with some cheapo (but nice) Zeeman yarn but it wasn’t strong enough and the warp threads keep breaking. By now I’ve reattached nearly 8 warpthreads and I’ve only woven this little piece. I think I’ll just cut my losses and take it off the loom and start anew with a new yarn.

I just really wanted to show these pics πŸ™‚

I managed a lot but i can’t really figure out what I did wrong here. I think I didn’t hang the shafts just right so I’ll try again once I’ve cut the warp. I’m going for another draft until I’ve found a better yarn for this one. I’m thinking of kitchen towels or something of the sort.. πŸ˜€

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