I’ve noticed some things about how the weather affects my knitting/ spinning. Wintertime is knitting time and summertime means spinning time. I can’t seem to be able to get very excited for knitting in the summer (when it’s hot) and not really excited for spinning when it’s cold. I can live with that I guess..

So this year I decided to go along with this cycle and see what happens. I’m planning a big spinning and knitting project for the BF. I’m knitting an adult Tomten, and I’m planning to spin the yarn myself. The past two days it’s been nice and sunny out and it’s given me a reason to order myself some samples of roving.


100 grams of grey Shetland, Gotland and BFL in oatmeal. I’m going for a nice 4-ply worsted spun yarn and hope to make some nice samples of these first. Once I’m done we’ll decide which of the samples look and feel best. I’m also opting for some combinations between two of these samples. So once I’m done with the 100% samples, I’ll try some mixing up.


I took 25 grams of the Gotland and divided it by four equal parts. I spun thicker singles than I would’ve liked but ended up with the size 4-ply I was hoping to end up with. Now the challenge would be to recreate this same size…. Obviously the roving had to be examined by Kiwi.


I really like how the yarn turned out. The first single was a bit too loose, but it turned out exactly the way I hoped it would. Tho I really like the slight halo on the yarn it’s not a great feat in the knitted fabric. At least not with the tomten in mind. The yarn has become nice and even but the halo tends to make the ridges disappear.


I’m knitting this with a US8/5.0mm needle and it felt like it was the exact right size. I really like how the Gotland yarn feels. it’s nice and a bit rough. Not the kind of fabric I’d like up close to my face, but certainly something I would wear.


I haven’t figured out how many meters I spun but it’s more than I thought at least. I like how it knits up and I like the feel. So far I feel this little sample is quite successful.

I’m thinking of knitting the other two samples in the exact same manner. This way, tho the tomten is in garter stitch, I can see how it would work as stockinette as well.


A while ago I bought 50 grams of tencel to try it out. I planned to spin it with my takhli spindle but never got around to start. While I was dying the other wool I thought I’d add this to the dye bath as well.. unfortunately for me I had forgotten that tencel can’t be dyed in the same manner as animal fibres so the (imho) lovely shade of pink will be gone the next time it touches the water..

Besides this point… I’ve managed to spin up 18 grams already and I’m rather pleased with myself. I’m hoping for a nice 2-ply laceweight (I think) but I’m not sure what it’ll become. I guess it all depends on how much there’s left after ply-ing.


To be honest I wonder how much I can fit on this little thing.. thank goodness it’s a support spindle, tho I must say I’m rather surprised at the single’s strength. I realize it’s difficult to see how much it is so I added a kitty for reference..


I’ve also managed to finally continue knitting Skew 1.0.

skew 1.0

It might nog be visible on this picture but the yarn in the right sock is thicker than the yarn in the left sock. Also, the colors on the right sock look more vibrant than the colors in the left sock. This has nothing to do with the sock being used/ aged but it has everything to do with me being a total dye and spin noob 😛

I started out with a nice thick yarn and while I spun the yarn became thinner and thinner, ‘lucky’ for me I started out with the end of the ball and now I’m reaching the middle and beginning. It’s rather frustrating because.. well.. I’ll end up with two different socks that don’t match.. neither in color or in size. However I’m willing to look past it (with this one) because this little dandelion yarn has taught me a lot about yarn and spinning.

I’m sure I’ll get better and I believe my first 4-ply experiment going well is proof of this. A great thank you should go to all the spinners on Rav, because their pictures and stories help noobs like me to get better at this 🙂

skew 1.0

Yes, knitting and talking is great, until you nearly start the heel shaping too late  and end up with another difference between these socks 😛

I’m hoping the picture heavy posts can ease my guilt about missing my bloggiversary this year.. I hope to show some nice pictures next time 🙂

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