Not quite there yet but it’s working out the way I hoped it would! At this rate I’ll be done with it in a few days πŸ™‚ I’ve taken pictures along the way because I wanted to blog this thing and didn’t get to it. Now I’m blogging it because I have no choice but to put it down as it dries.

I was so proud! I’ve knitted a project like this one before so I already knew what to expect. I bound of the stitches for the body and the sleeve and I’m planning to undo the bo and graft the stitches together this time. I believe this is a prettier finish and I’m hoping it won’t leave any holes (like the previous project did).

I love the hem and sleeve detail. It makes the project look really clean and neat.

Another attempt to blog ended in hilarity. Every time I lay a knit on the ground it is inspected, and often approved of, by a kitty. They usually end up either sitting or sleeping on it somewhere between me putting it on the floor and searching for the camera.

It took a while but I’m super proud! I just couldn’t lay it down and be at peace. I simply had to knit and finish this project. Obviously it’s not finished just yet, but it’s my first time knitting fair isle with three different yarns simultaneously, and I actually didn’t completely fudge it up!

This cardigan is knitted with malabrigo lace in terracotta and in botticelli red. I also used a white ball of zettl sock yarn. I made a swatch and determined that my gauge was smaller than the pattern called for. I measured myself and cast on a number that consisted with a larger size in the pattern. I chose to do this because I didn’t want to end up with a huge difference once I got to the yoke. I also wanted the cardigan to be longer and a bit less tight than my other cardigans. Because of the thin fabric it wouldn’t be all that pleasant if the knit turned out too small.

In the end it all turned out much better than expected. The pictures I posted here show what the cardigan looked like before washing. The washing part wasn’t all too bad. Malabrigo yarn turns out to bleed like a b*tch so the white turned out a slight shade of not-so-white-but-not-near-pink-either and I noticed how much I didn’t really mind πŸ™‚

The coloring wasn’t the only problem tho. The cardigan grew to nearly twice its size! I couldn’t bear to take any pictures so I can’t show the horror.. After some frantic searching on rav I found a number of projects that really helped me out! A few of them were related to the project and another few related to the yarn. Turns out malabrigo sock yarn grows a LOT. They all came with the same solution: put it in the dryer.

I sat in front of my combi-dryer and spent a nervous 20 minutes in front of it. I did open and restart the program a number of times to make sure it wasn’t going to be too small. I think I can still put it in one more time because it’s still a little loose but I’ll wait until it’s all done. I like the way it looks now, matching the pictures I posted here.

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