Oops I did it again.. (the TdF edition)

This is the third time I’m starting this post, and I know why I’m having trouble starting. The truth is that I haven’t actually been ‘away’. I just forgot to blog. I’m still searching to find the balance between blog presence and ‘other media presence’, and at the moment it’s a lot easier to just dump something on the twitterverse than to blog about it in longer than 160 characters. Ouch!

So to prove to you (myself mostly) that I’m not a simpleton and (also) not that easily distracted, I’m preparing a nice, long post for you 🙂 I’ve missed blogging, and there’s so much to write about I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s just begin at the beginning. For the first time ever I won a prize during the Tour de Fleece! I won it for the finest spun single (the near 1km out of 100 grams), and I was extremely excited! The gift was a bag of amazing rolags from Peeriewinkle.

TdF prize :)

I spent some time thinking about how to spin them, but in the end there was only one way to go. I won them for the finest single, so I had to spin them very fine. The rolags were perfect from beginning to end, they were soft, shiny and it was very entertaining to spin them. I still don’t know what exactly was in there, but it was amazing and soft (and I’ll be sure to get me some more at some point!).

I noticed that I’m getting much better at spinning fine singles now that I’m spinning on the bliss. It’s very difficult to concentrate on the spinning when your yarn keeps breaking and/ or is yanked out of your hand everytime. A good spinning wheel is very important!

TdF prize :)

spinning :)

I normally don’t like barberpole, but I do love it when the colors blend in the single (barberpole effect in a single).  I decided to chain ply the yarn to keep these changes, and get a slightly variegated yarn.

moar spinning

peeriewinkle's TdF prize all spun up

I ended up with a total of 483m of chain plied, light fingering weight yarn (I haven’t weighed it), and spent some time looking for a nice shawl/ scarf for in the winter. I’ve been eyeing the Juneberry triangle for ages now, and I decided it was about time to just go ahead and cast-on. I know the pattern calls for a worsted weight yarn, but I couldn’t help myself. This yarn turned out so soft and warm, I could only see it in the shape of a Juneberry triangle. Sorry 😛

Juneberry triangle in progress

It’s not done yet, and I’m only halfway done with Chart B, but I think it’s safe for me to say that I’ve made the right decision! Loving the pattern!


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