Onerva 2.0: attack of the sockyarn

I’ve been incredibly busy the last few days… I kinda screwed up my uni project and instead of progressing I’m now re-doing a lot of the work.. So now the project is changed AND I’m behind, and with 4 more weeks to go that’s not very comforting. This ofcourse causes a lot of stress and when there’s stress there’s a lot of knitting. Last time I mentioned Onerva it was when I posted the space invaders epic fail, and after that I never really mentioned it again.

Onerva was frogged. I was knitting this project with the Rowan Tapestry (colorway: Rainbow) and tho I really liked the pattern, the yarn didn’t really work for me. It made the knit very bulky and uhm.. left it without personality. So I frogged the whole thing and gave the yarn to my mom (who btw knitted a very nice cardi with it :D).

Anyway, the pattern wouldn’t leave me alone. At first I didn’t want to knit it anymore, but then, while working on my computer for a week and ending up with neck and shoulder pains I decided it might not be so bad to have a nice shawl to keep my neck/ shoulders warm during work. And so the story of Onerva 2.0 began.
I had already knitted a few rows of the pattern and I had also already made an easy to use chart for myself, because I’m very good at messing up so I already knew how to start the knit.

onerva wip

In case anyone would like to use the chart: it’s very simple. You start off with the begin:

CO 3 sts
RS: k1, yo, k1, yo, k1
WS: k1, p3, k1
RS: k1, yo, k3, yo,k1
WS: k1, p5, k1

and here you start the first line of the chart. I don’t know if you’re supposed to do this or not but I kept doing the k1,yo … yo, k1. I like the edge it forms so I continued this anyway.
It’s the easiest to start off with Chart B and then continue with Chart A. The only important thing is that when you start the row (from right to left) you move UP in Chart A, and after the middle you move DOWN in Chart A. This way you won’t be able to mess up 🙂

onerva chart

Anyway, I used Drops Fable 151 because i just totally fell in love with the happy colors 🙂

onerva wip

onerva wip

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