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In general I’m an easy going person. I’m in for a lot of things and try not to make things more difficult than they need to be. But there’s things about me that are not so cool and which tend to give me quite some stress…. I’m not good at letting things go. Not in a petty ‘just-wait-I’ll-get-you-when-you-least-expect-it’ kind of way, but when more in a masochistic ‘why-would-they-do-this-to-me’ kind of way… I won’t react but things people do can really get to me to a point where I get really depressed.

Now before you think I’m a total freak let me explain will you πŸ˜‰ I only have this problem with people who are really close to me, either my family or my first ring of friends. Sometimes people will react in a certain way that I find hurtfull, but I won’t tell them, because I’ve told them in the past and they either reacted in a very negative way or they said they wouldn’t do it anymore but continued to show that kind of behavior. So after a while I stop asking but I still do feel hurt or sad by it…


I’m saying this because prior to being a knit blog this place was supposed to be about me organizing my hobbies and my life πŸ˜› so sorry about the rant.. but this is me showing myself I have to stop caring about people being mean to me. So this one is for me and for those so-called friends: welcome to my office πŸ˜‰

office space

What you’re seeing here is my 2×1,2 (I think) balcony on the third floor facing the south. I have sunshine from 7 in the morning till sunset in the middle of summer, so now it’s from 8.30 – 9am till 7-8pm. I sit here everyday, reading my books, making notes on my macbook and knitting while getting a tan. I won’t post a picture but it’s noon and I’m wearing a bikini HELL YEAH!

office space

This is my Β East view, with my sweet kitty Noodles checking out the strawberry plant. The cats love the balcony and plz don’t freak out they are indeed very carefull πŸ™‚

I’m not posting these pictures to rub it in my ‘friends’ faces who talk behind my back about not spending my time at the uni’s stuffy overcrowded rooms, but I’m posting this to prove to myself that I don’t need people approving of my life and of my way of doing it, as long as I’m having fun. The next time someone sais something nasty I’ll ignore them and think of this post (yea even in the dead of winter)

so.. back to knitting….!!!

jaywalker wip heel

meet my sock-covered heel πŸ™‚ There’s something about me making things more difficult (in contrast to what I typed above) when it comes to knitting.. I can mask my stupidity by saying I like to have a challenge which I obviously will πŸ™‚ The pattern calld for more decreases but I have small feet… I mean I knew I have small feet but I wasn’t expecting them to be this small… I even decreased 2 stitches per repeat of pattern (which is 8 stitches in total) on top of the 4 I had already decreased with my smaller gauge… WTF?! πŸ˜›

Or I can say you all have huge monstrous feet.. I won’t say it out loud because I love you guys but I will think it in the back of my head where all thoughts are private.

jaywalker wip heel

My question for you is: did I even do this right? it seems a bit off? This was not done with short-rows but that may have been much and much better as decreasing and then picking up stitches really doesn’t look that polished… anyway… they seem to fit perfectly now without stretching the fabric but it might grow on me…. and if I know Murphy it most definately will… πŸ˜›

hew wip

I’ve also worked on my hew for a bit and I must say that the more I knit the more excited I get about this project. By now it’s all so weird.. I’m only NOW realizing that I have spun yarn and made something unique.. whoa.. πŸ˜› my love for spinning just grew with 20% πŸ™‚

hew wip

little picture of the backside.. The cotton keeps curling on me but I hope it won’t do that anymore once it’s washed (and while I’m wearing it).

hew wip

It feels good to finally have some sunny pictures of the yarn as the sparkles show a lot more and the color seems much more ‘happy’ than it does in the overcast pictures πŸ™‚

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  1. wooow je office balkonnetje ziet er awesom uiiittt :D:D kussjjeee

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