of anniversaries and such..

Of all the montsh in the year “June” is my favorite. Of all numbers “4” is my favorite..

I was born on June 4th (lol) 1984(<-) and I started dating mr Man on June 24th (lol). And now.. my blog is six months old on June 21st (yea I know.. should’ve been 24th as well…).

Anyhoo.. today I realized my blog is actually six months old (well yesterday..), and I read the whole thing all over again (since it’s not that big yet hihi). I must say I’m pleased with the way it turned out to be. I started this blog as a way to record ‘all’ of my hobbies for which I had forgotten to take the time. Now I realize it’s become a real knitting blog and the other hobbies have been moving more and more to the background. I’m also not sure about combining these hobbies in one blog. I just might move my drawings to another blog and dubb this to a ‘real’ knitblog.. tho I still don’t know if I’ll be able to manage two blogs but I guess we’ll just have to see what happens. Anyway since this is going to be a knit blog I’m going to remove the ‘knitting’ tag because it is dominating the tag cloud in a rediculous way.. 😛

But for now.. I really like the way it turned out, because I basically assumed that I’d be way too lazy to even keep posting for a month so in a way I guess I proved myself wrong 😛

So to celebrate the happiness I decided on a new layout and look 😀 It’s not done yet but It’s going the right way and it only needs some minor adjustments 🙂

Today I emptied out the boxes and reviewed my ever stash and realized it’s getting big… I need to think of some nice new projects to knit because I already have too little space for my stuff and the latest additions to my stash don’t even fit in my closet or boxes anymore… they just linger around in my house.. moving from kitchen to living room… *sigh* my poor little innocent yarnsies.

So here’s an update… I still don’t know what to do with all of it.. but it’s nothing a visit to ravelry won’t be able to fix 😀

it’s dirty and gross.. but I hope it likes to be washed ^.^ – I have four of these in this color, two in white and one slightly thicker yarn in pink :O

And I still have 6 more of these –
I wanted to buy a very fine crochet hook for these and make jewelry but hm.. I guess I forgot? 😛 This would be nice with the white cotton (if it becomes white again)

Too many of these in odd colors 😛     –           Still a bunch of 100% silk balls 🙂

two balls of red silk with gold spots   –           and plain gold yarn..

and silver…..                         –                              and pretty drops safran.. frogged now.. since I wasn’t going to wear it anyway…. 😛

and ofcourse the yarn shown in the previous stash post 🙂

anyhoo.. I’m going to try to figure out what kinds of stuff I want to knitttt 😀

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