o noes!


This was going to be a bad day… what to do when you wake up thinking it’s going to be a lovely morning, come down and realize there’s only decaff left…. oh noes!

It didn’t turn out to be a bad day but it could have. Instead I just felt a bit weird and the caffein deprivation kept me sleepy all day. I don’t drink coffee just for the caffein, but I really enjoy my coffee because of the flavor. I’m in love with the capricio and the cosi (nespress) because of the way they taste. The decaff stuff isn’t too bad but it’s not that functional for in the morning… so meh.

Lucky for me it wasn’t all that bad. I’m planning to start two projects (I cast on for the first one yesterday) but they’re a bit of a secret. I don’t know if the recipients read my blog or not, but just to be safe I won’t say who they’re for 😉

stash additions :D

Yesterday my yarn arrived! There’s something I really need to say about this company because these people are awesome! The yarn comes from Finlandia Import, and tho I’m not the proud owner of an actual stash and am still quite new to the knitting world, most of my yarn comes from them. I’m not the type of person to go look for yarn shops and then find out they don’t have what I want and then I’ll get suckered in to buying some other delicious yarn I have no money to buy. This is my way of keeping my stash small because I simply can’t afford it (yet). Let me tell you this.. the moment I stop being a student and land me an actual job I’m going to buy a ton of yarn… I mean it… 😛

So anyway, back to Finlandia Import. I ordered via their website on sunday and guess what… I actually received a personal (they always do isn’t that nice?) confirmation the same day. What company works on sundays?! I love them 😀

stash additions :D

Anyways, the three purple ones are going to become Scherherazades slippers and the four navy ones will become a Henry scarf. I’ve already got some progress on the socks as I’ve gotten familiar with the pattern 🙂


Yes the picture is a bit weird but it’s really the same yarn 🙂 I took this picture on a sunlit table to see what it would look like in some harsh light 🙂 The yarn is very soft and knits up to be a very stretchy fabric for the sock, but I’m really freaking out about the amount of wear this baby can withstand… 😛 It’s so soft it might actually fall apart before this winter is over, but I really don’t care. They’re little princess socks imo and I don’t mind if the wearer wears them out 🙂 (socks are meant to be worn right? 🙂 )

reclaiming yarn

Remember this? Lelah has never seen sunlight since our last encounter… It makes me cringe a little when I see those old pictures… gahh.. I actually even forgot I had it lying around until I was cleaning out my closet this morning.. I wanted to throw it away but then I found the other half of the sweater it used to be and decided to just reclaim the yarn untill I had something better to do with it.

stash additions :D

So this is what it looks like now… 🙂

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