Nowruz and remodeling

In my culture (Iranian) we celebrate our new year (Nowruz; “new day”) on March 20/ 21st. We celebrate the coming of spring and spend nearly a full month preparing and celebrating. Mostly preparing. We spend a lot of time on spring cleaning and cooking and visiting family and friends.

I personally love these traditions and try to share in all of them. This means that things can get a little hectic and life turns into a roller coaster ride. Normally I would take a lot of pictures, but this time my phone broke down and I wasn’t able to touch it without getting frustrated. Thanks to my awesome cousin my phone is in working order now and I’m able to take pictures again.

The spring cleaning part is usually supposed to be done before Nowruz, but I took  it a bit too far and now I’m remodeling my house again. I’ve moved the bedroom to the other side of the house and I’m working on my new office/ working space. I worked in the bedroom (small house) and I was getting tired of the work-vibe in my bedroom and the sleep-vibe in my workroom. So my entire life is all over the place and I’m taking advantage of this little working break to post about the breidagen fair 🙂

I visited Dutch Wool Diva’s booth and took some lovely lovely sockyarn with me! I also got some beautiful single ply yarn with me (to combine with the pink one I bought way back).

Last time I went to the fair I met this elderly couple who own an angora goat farm and sell yarn made by their own animals’ fiber. Last time I bought a bag of 100 grams of kid mohair, and now I bought two hanks of single ply, laceweight yarn (about 700m each).

I bought 1 ball of yak yarn. I know.. what’s 1 ball going to do for me right..? Well they were a bit expensive and I just wanted to try some out, but I might be tempted to buy more (spread over the summer I might buy enough for a large blanket….but don’t tell my BF)

I also bought a fuzzy ball of kid mohair. I don’t know why and I don’t know what it’s going to be, I just knew I wanted to have it..

I bought this book! A book about traditional Dutch Ganseys! I know I’ll be making quite a few of these in the coming years! I absolutely love these things!

In the mean time I finally finished my Fietsen handwarmers!

And got a blonde ombre and spent a week clipping in 250 micro ring extensions..

I’ve also managed to finish my February socks and if I’m lucky I may be able to finish one pair of the March socks! I’ll keep you posted!

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