not enough…

Another day, another dilemma. I’m still finishing up ye olde projects and I ran into this problem.

handspun wensleydale

Last time I blogged about this project I mentioned something in the line of ‘the end of my stash’ and ‘need more yarn to finish this project’. It turns out I don’t have enough yarn and I don’t have enough fleece either. So I’m having a bit of a dilemma. I want to finally finish this shawl, but I think it will kill me if I don’t finish all the charts and repeats…

I’ve been knitting and spinning on this project for nearly a year now and it would be really nice if I could finish it before the 1 year anniversary đŸ˜›

BF Tomten
Instead of just having the same problem once I’m having the same problem twice. I knit twice as fast as I process wool. I’m mainly talking about fiberprepping because the spinning, even tho my wheel is trying to tell me it really wants to retire, is going just fine. The problem is that I’ll probably end up finishing one sleeve before running out of yarn, but I’ll need to start processing and spinning again if I want this vest to be done before spring/ summer….

BF Tomten
I really like the textured fabric it’s creating and I simply can’t wait for it to be done! (it looks really nice on the BF and it’s really warm and cozy…)

BF Tomten
This is my first time knitting sleeves like this and I’m really excited! It’s a great way to knit sleeves! I guess I’ll have to start processing some more fleece soon because I really can’t wait for this one to be done!

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