Onerva 3.0

While I was knitting Onerva 2.0 I got a lot of reactions from people. The more I knit, the more addicted to knitting I become so I start knitting everywhere and I start taking my knitting with me wherever I go. So the other day I was knitting in the train when this guy (my age) comes and sits on the chair in front of me. A few minutes later I look up and see his eyes are glued to the kniting in my hands. The look on his face was just pricesless, this had never happened to me before.. usually when people see me knitting in the train they walk past me and sit somewhere else lol. They avoid me like I smell 😛 (maybe I do.. 😐 😐 :|)

Anyway, was I was saying, Onerva 2.0 got a lot of attention from all sorts of people including my mom. So I asked her if she wanted me to knit one for her too, and she said ‘well, no, you’ll go crazy if you’d start this all over agian…’
What my mom didn’t understand is that I wasn’t only asking for her.. I was asking for me as well.. See the pattern is so incredibly addictive and the knit itself is so rewarding I felt it had ended too soon…. lol and now that I’ve started another one I see how much faster it goes and I only looked at the chart once to check when the second repeat was supposed to come in.

We picked out a more ‘serious’ color for my mom so she can combine it with all sorts of office clothing and accessories. Here’s a very small progress pic of a few hours of knitting onerva 3.0

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