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No pictures today. Just a bit of ranting. If you’re not interested you can skip this post 😉 I promise I’ll have pictures for you next time 🙂


I’ve been meaning to write another post for quite a while but I didn’t know how to start and I didn’t really want to write about this stuff on the blog. But this blog is important to me, and I (over)share things I do and experience, so this had to be in here as well. The first two weeks of July were great. I had some huge plans for spinning and the Tour, but after the second week I came down with a mean stomach flu.

I’m not going into details (trust me, you don’t want to know), but I ended up losing more than 10 pounds in 4 days, and I’m still recovering. I haven’t been able to even see or smell an egg for more than a week after, (and I love eggs!) and I’m still only just getting there. I haven’t been spinning and knitting for two weeks because the movements made me feel sick again.

The past few days I’ve been playing on my 3DS a lot, and I’ve been trying to relax and get better. So there’s that.

Just as I’m trying to get better I found out that one of my old university classmates died in the MH17 crash. I honestly don’t know how to feel and I’m still trying to come to terms with the whole mess. I didn’t want to write this down, but I need to acknowledge it. There’s sadness and anger and I feel like I need to give it a place of it’s own. His parents and sister where on board as well. I feel so sorry for all the people who have lost loved ones. It’s unimaginable.

I’m going to give myself another few days, but I will be back. I’ll have pictures, and I’ll have progress. I’m going to shut my brain off for tonight. Thank you.


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  1. Many hugs and sympathy. Take as much time as you need to recover physically and mentally – your blog and your readers will still be here.

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