nice surprises and such

Hemlock Ring wipI love it when a flowing pattern and variegated yarn come together πŸ™‚ Or I imagine Hannibal saysing something like this if he were to knit.. muhaha πŸ™‚ Like in the previous post the Hemlock Ring blanket is growing like a charm and I’m working on the 31st row of the chart. I’m currently working on my second ball and I just realized I have 6 balls instead of the 4 I thought I had… zomg.

That’s quite a nice surprise since I was afraid I might not have enough yarn for a ‘real’ blanket and would end up with a very small excuse of a doily knit with too thick yarn… πŸ˜› But my worrying days are over I guess πŸ˜€

I do have some bad news tho.. my poor little camera appears to be dying. A few days ago I noticed the super high quality wasn’t working anymore, this is a 7.1 mpixel camera so super high quality is still quite high.. but it no longer works… Also the pictures are becoming grainier… Thankfully it’s still working well enough for the nearby shots turning this shot…

Hemlock Ring wip

into this shot without too much difficulties, but I’m afraid anyway…… 😐

Hemlock Ring wip

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