New Pattern: Khajiit Cowl

Khajiit Cowl

Life got in the way a great number of times, but I’m happy to present the Khajiit Cowl. If you read this blog you probably know I love to play video games, one of them being Skyrim. While roaming through the wildly beautiful nature (in Skyrim of course), killing giants, meeting merchants, picking herbs and flowers, an idea began to form in my head. It wasn’t until I came across a hank of Cascade Eco+ that the shapes started to become clear. Something textured, something with a lot of cables. Something, that was a combination between a cowl, a hoodie and a cape.

I named it after the Khajiit (a cat-like species that walk around in Skyrim), who work as merchants (or thieves). In all honesty, this cowl is mostly inspired by my favorite Khajiit: M’aiq the Liar. As an ode to him I’ll share one of my favorite quotes of him:

“Snow falls. Why worry where it goes. M’aiq thinks the snowflakes are pretty.”

Khajiit Cowl

I love scarves, shawls and cowls, but what I find lacking in these items is the ability to pull them over your head when it’s very windy or rainy. You’ll always end up either exposing your neck, or you have to unwrap your accessory to rewrap it around your hair. (I know I’m exaggerating a little bit, but I like warm neck and ears when it’s windy and I’m lazy so I like to do everything in one motion :))

Khajiit Cowl

The Khajiit Cowl is very versatile. It was designed to keep your head, neck and shoulders warm at the same time. You can wear it either on top of your coat, or underneath. You can also fold the top part inward and wear it as a cowl and pull it over your head if it starts to rain.

Khajiit Cowl

If you wear it underneath your coat there won’t be any raindrops going down your neck if it suddenly starts to rain (it’s a theme.. I live in the Netherlands, we get a lot of unexpected rain showers..)

Khajiit Cowl

But most importantly I guess is the feeling of walking through the wild lands of Skyrim while wearing this cowl and pulling it over your head like you’re some magic wielding student of the College of Winterhold πŸ™‚

So about the pattern..
The cowl shown in these pictures was knit using 2 hanks of Cascade Eco+, and was knit with 5.5mm/ US9 needles for a tighter gauge. It’s heavy weight for something like his, and I’m happy to say I’m working on a lightweight version as well, which will be more drapey and elegant. I will update the pattern when this version is up for release so if you’ve already bought the pattern you will receive an email with the update.

The pattern is written for one size, but the fit can be adjusted by changing the amount of the stitches for one of the charts.


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  1. What a beautiful pattern you’ve made. The colour suits the pattern really well. Well done! I don’t know the game Skyrim myself, but I’m a huge Tolkien fan and that’s the feeling the cowl gives me. I hope that doesn’t hurt the fandom too much. πŸ˜‰

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