New layout..

Finally.. it took me a good while to get *some* new background.. I had big plans.. huge plans.. but so far I haven’t found the time to even try to work on it.. so this will have to do for now.. yes.. spinning knitter extraordinaire… lol 😛 obviously this is a big joke and reflects on my habbit of making on @$$ of myself.. especially when it comes to the process of learning to knit and spin..

Obviously I am not worthy of such a title but it brings in the lolz so I hope you all don’t see it as smugness.. because.. well.. me being arrogant about my knitting and spinning would be insane.. 😛 I can be proud and happy and I will do the occasional happy dance.. but arrogance..? not in the least 😉

Back to the order of business.. as you can see there’s the turkish spindle and some of the chocolate wensleydale I have been spinning for my girasole-to-be. Quite frankly I’m already pleased with the speed at which the spindling goes and I’m planning to spindle a lot more.. I would’ve never believed it but spindling in this house goes much faster than spinning on a wheel. Not because I’m a slow wheel spinner but because there’s simply not enough time to grab the wheel during my coffee break. (I still work and study at home so I can spin on my wheel and/ or knit w00h00)

I’m afraid this is going to be a bit of a rant post but I guess those can be good too right? (lol you can skip this part if you want hehe). I’ve started out with the wheel because get bored easily and I was afraid that a spindle wouldn’t give me the (quick.. I want it yesterday!!) results I was looking for. Little did I know that a spindle is a much easier tool to help you understand the fiber better. A wheel is very nice for spinning, and I’ll definitely keep using it, but the spindle is easier for a busy life. This has helped me understand much better, and now I’m actually having fun while handcarding… (wtf right..). I used to hate it with a passion.. I guess there really is a fine line between love and hate.

Nothing better than a well carded rolag to help you spin nice even singles. By now the yarn on the spindle outweighs the spindle and it’s actually getting nicer to spin. I wasn’t expecting that 😛

chocolate wensleydale

It’s getting bigger 😀 I’ll continue on this cop until I can’t fit the yarn anymore.. then I’ll weigh it 😛

chocolate wensleydale

ahh carded rolags.. I love how the colors blend and I can’t wait to see if it’s visible in the knitted girasole 😀

chocolate wensleydale

look! it’s yarn!

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