Problems caused by multitasking

The past few months there hasn’t quite been as much knitting as I thought there would be.. but it’s all good.. The year started a bit slowly on the knitting front but all is well and some progress is being made as we speak. Pics or it didn’t happen you say..?

tangled yoke cardigan wip

I’m rather pleased with the way it’s turning out and I must say I *LOVE* the substitute “me”. It’s my exact size (except for the waist height which I haven’t fixed yet, but overall it’s pretty acurate), so without being able to wear it yet I already know it’s a perfect fit. Another 50 euro’s well spent I believe. My gauge was a slight bit smaller than the patterns and I decided to make a small and adapt it to my gauge. Unfortunately this was something exactly between the S and the M size, so when I got to the yoke part I had to choose. Either a bit too small or a bit too big.. I went for a bit too small and chose to decrease to meet the S size because tho my shoulders are wide, they’re slender enough to fit an S I hoped, and thankfully I was right. Obviously there’s still a good chance that it might be a bit tight, but since it’s acrylics I’m hoping for a bit of a stretch and a bit of growing on the yarn’s part and we’re all good.

tangled yoke cardigan wip

I love the way it looks and I seriously can’t wait to finish this one and wear it.. there’s however a slight problem..  It’s not something big.. something you might not have noticed even. I know I didn’t, up until the point I was nearly touching it with my nose.. but now it can’t be unseen. I’m not willing to frog, because I don’t think anyone else will see it, or even be bothered by it. But I’m still a bit annoyed by the fact that it exists..

have you seen it yet..? It’s right here..

Tangled yoke wip WTF

It annoys me to no end that I’ve managed to pull this off. It was quite easy I assure you, but I still can’t get over it.

Though the yarn was nice and comfortable to work with it was rather hellish when it came to the cables and the yoke. It’s so bad even that I still have some pain in my wrists, hands and fingers and I’m really not looking forward to more pain. Maybe some day, I’ll knit this pattern again out of some lovely yarn and *then* I’ll do it right.. right now.. I’ll try to unsee the images that have burned themselves in my retinas 😛

Out of sheer frustration I decided it was time for (again) another project. I’ve been wanting to start knitting something with this yarn for ages and now I was finally annoyed enough to ignore the guilt and the other unfinished objects hogging my needles and just went for it. You might remember this yarn right here. It’s a hand-dyed handspun single made from unspecified Scottish combed top. The colorway is Midwinter sunrise, but I’m changing it over Wintersky over Holland, because it really resembles the colors of the midwinter skies in The Netherlands, especially when it’s freezing cold outside.

what to do with this..?

Back in October (2010) I was contemplating a triangular shawl, but to be quite honest I don’t tend to wear those things a lot. They either need to be very big or very small for me to work so I dismissed that one quite quickly. The other thing is that the softness.. well the lack thereof. So I need something that will keep me warm, but not something I’ll need to wrap around my neck. So I went for the EZ 100th anniversary Camping half-circle on Rav.

I want something I can throw around me during spring and fall when I’m wearing longer sleeved shirts but want to hang out without a jacket. Or during the winter on top of my coat for extra warmth. The good thing about this yarn is that it’s kinda sticky and halo-y, which will probably help because it’ll be nice and warm and it won’t slide off constantly.

EZ 100th anniversary P shawl

This (craptastic) picture was taken earlier this evening, and by now I’m working on the third set of the pattern. It’s moving along quite quickly and I’m a very happy knitter at the moment.


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