make up your mind!

that’s what I tell myself quite often but I can’t seem to get the hang of it.. making up my mind.. Sometimes I can’t decide which yarn to use for what project. I’ll start out with a yarn, then halfway through I’ll decide I don’t like it as much as I thought I did and then I start over using another yarn. The problem, this time, is stitch definition. I feel the new yarn makes a prettier project, so I’m happy with the way it’s working out.

I started out like this.

Actually I didn’t.. I started out using this yarn while I was at my moms house, but then I frogged it because the yarn was making things a bit too fuzzy. It was the softest thing ever but really the yarn was way too thin for me to make it work. After all.. I haven’t touched a crochet hook in a few years and I really started out a bit rusty.

The Jaggerspun is working out beatifully but the problem with this is the stitch definition. The one thing I love and hate about crochet all at once is the way the stitches are formed. I love knitting because of the smoothness of the stockinette parts. It shines like straight or wavy hair does.. but when you crochet it, the fabric shines like braided hair does. I like them both but not all of them with the same yarns. I love the sheen of the silk in the Jaggerspun and it wasn’t working for me with this project. The soft sheen was getting fragmented so I needed something that would work with the crochet stitches instead of against it.

So here’s the wibra ella in olive:

Pardon me.. It’s really not arrogance, I’m just proud at the way it’s turning out. The stole will become a bit fuller and thicker because of the yarn, but really I don’t mind. I wanted to have something between a blanket and a shawl anyway and this is working for me just fine! The yarn is absolutely amazing! It’s acrylic but it’s nothing like the other yarns at all. It feels like you’re working with cotton. I do know that once ‘killed’ it’ll have a wonderful drape and sheen all over it so I’m really pleased with the way it’s turning out.

The biggest difference between this yarn and the previous attempt with the Jaggerspun is the fullness and thickness of the yarn. This makes the stitches ‘show’ more and it gives the whole thing a bit more character I think. The thing I really didn’t like about the previous attempt was the holes it created when you worked a row. Maybe it would’ve worked just fine with a smaller hook but I’m not going to work the stole with a 2mm hook when I’m trying to pick up crocheting again after such a long while.

I made the first part of the stole much smaller because I didn’t like the way it looked that much. I’ll add just about the same amount to the other end so I’ll have to make crochet more repeats than the pattern calls for. The only problem is that I’m running out of yarn.. I may need to go buy me some more but the problem is that there might not be any more left. Last time I checked they only had a few of these in different colors.

After trying out the wibra yarn I also made a small attempt at 100% silk but that became too rough for comfortable wearing. It really made a scratchy fabric so I decided this yarn would be the perfect match after all.

I’m really happy to be using a hook again since it’s really been ages since I last crocheted something I liked. The last two attempts (to which I’m not even going to link.. but you can find them here on this blog) didn’t quite turn out the way I had hoped so I just put it aside. But now I feel I really want to make some garments. I love the lacy look but I won’t use it for a sweater or something. I don’t like the fabric it forms, but I do love the lace!

I’de like to end the post with my kitties and tell you about the power of catnip. They HATE these… but now they love them… 😛


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