You know how sometimes we know something is wrong, but we continue to do it anyway..?

This project is one of them. Before I start my rant I’m going to put this statement out there; I’m going to re-knit this thing and it is going to be exactly the way I wanted this one to be. So there. I’m going to win. This entire blog is going to be a memory and a very wise lesson. Not just for me. For all of us 🙂

On September 21st I cast on for this project. A simple intarsia sweater for my son. He’s fallen in love with Pokemon and, of course, has also taken a liking to pikachu. Now I can’t in good concious be a knitting mom and NOT knit him an intarsia, custom, pikachu sweater right?

So with a lot of enthusiasm I cast on. It’s the first time I’m knitting my son an intarsia sweater (I’m more of a fair isle kinda girl), and felt it would be fitting to start knitting on straight needles. Those of you know follow this blog know that I’ve never posted a picture of straight knitting needles on this blog. At least I honestly can’t remember having touched any straight needles in the past 8 years.

Anyway, my mom would be proud. Me, repeating the cirkle I believe a LOT of knitting mothers have repeated. Knitting an intarsia sweater for my kid. I obviously feel like I’m improving the situation because I’m knitting something my kid likes instead of something I think my kid would like (flowers mom, really..?).

Moving on 🙂

Now before i even got to this point I knew I had to start over. Here’s the thing. I changed the Pikachu graph (as you may have noticed) because I felt it was going to be too small on the front side. I honestly also don’t even remember how I calculated/ measured how many stitches I had to cast on. I know I did something, but this baby brain is not helping me.

So I got to the point where I was folding my kids pullover and realized that whatever I was knitting was WAY too small to be doubled, and way too big to just be the front. FUCK. Now what..

I put it aside for a while and kept trying to strangle the little voice that was screaming louder and louder “DUDE JUST START OVER ALREADY, YOU’RE NEVER GOING TO BE SATISFIED WITH THIS THIN-..” *punch*

Yea.. So the voice was right all along and I sure knew it. But I was trying to stick my head in the sand because I didn’t want to hear it. You see, there’s this thing called “sunk cost fallacy”.
“I spent so much time on this”
“I can fix this”
“It took me so long to get to this point”

You get the idea. It’s ugly, but it’s the truth.

It gets even worse, because I attempted to fix the problem first by simply widening the piece. To be fair, this may have been possible if I had been using a different yarn, and if I had done it RIGHT. Unfortunately for me the yarn I chose is very pretty, but also very, very slick. In that sense it’s not suitable for this project at all, but the colors are amazing so I went with it. The yarn is also very nice so I thought I’d deal with it as I went.

So I knit a ‘strip and did some stealthy sewing and sewed the thing together. Obviously it’s not a perfect solution, but at least I don’t have to reknit right?!

The other side wasn’t even that bad. If the yarn hadn’t been so slick you probably wouldn’t have been able to see it at all (after blocking). But here’s were I messed up:
1. I knit the piece too long. Yep. Because I was so focussed on getting the seam look invisible, I completely forgot to count the stitches (so the right part flares out).

I only noticed after another day of knitting so there’s no easy fix for this anymore.

The other thing I messed up is that I think I had already checked out and I added two strips, one on each side. But I should’ve added one strip on the left side. That way the final seam would’ve been at the center of the back and I would’ve had room for the sleeve decreases.

The way it stood I had to do a lot of altering and a lot of changing things in order for this thing to work. In my mind it would be a lot easier and quickier if I just went ahead and started over. Which I did. Yay. This time I spent some time preparing and calculating (and writing my calculations down). Now I know I’m going to be a lot happier with this project 🙂

While knitting and cocooning my cat Noodles brought me something tasty. This little fellow thankfully survived and was released (on the other side of the house where the cat isn’t able to go), the other one she caught after this one wasn’t so lucky 🙁

I’d like to leave you with these two pictures. Melina has some serious eyebrow game.

Happy knitting 🙂


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