losing my religion..

Today I realized that my knitting activities have become more and more interesting. Vaila is my first ever sweater and I’ve already learned tons and tons about the art of sweater knitting hihi. The first thing is to completely understand the whole pattern before starting. I have the bad habbit of just starting to knit something whenever I feel like starting a knit.. and then it doesn’t matter what time of day it is, and if I’m even able to clear my head enough to actually read the pattern before I start. Or even to have a sort of plan.. On Vaila I didn’t even make a gauge swatch, and I didn’t even wash the swatch to see if it would grow or not… I just assumed that either the sweater would grow or my body fat would have to shrink.. (which is not a bad plan anyway haha).
Lucky for me it’s all good and the sweater is almost done and I’m very satisfied with the way it looks. But it doesn’t mean that there were no bumps along the way… there’s actually a few haha and in a way this knit has been a lesson more in patience than in anything else.. 🙂


This is what the sweater looked like yesterday. I’m still showing the old pictures because there’s something funny going on. The pattern called for larger needles on the ribbing than on the pattern and the lace panel. In my case it was a 4,5mm on the ribbing and a 4 on the rest. I wore the sweater before starting on the second sleeve to show my mom what I had accomplished in a few days (which for a chaotic person like me really is an accomplishment haha), and the first thing she sais is: the right sleeve is too tight. So I tell her that I think it’ll stretch during the first wash and otherwise I’ll block it out and hope for the best, but she’s not convinced.. At this moment I’m bummed out because of her response..
So the next day I’m starting the ribbing on the left sleeve and notice I’ve been knitting the whole thing with 4,5mm needles.. After the neck ribbing I never switched the needles to 4.0mm. I did however knit the first part of the right sleeve with 4.0mm DPN’s (which caused a whole different problem themselves..).

Anyway, I continued the ribbing in 4,5 since the sweater didn’t look bad, but it did dawn on me why the gauge didn’t make sense the whole time…. 😀 Anyway, today I frogged the right sleeve and started knitting it again with the 4,5mm needles.

There’s a few things I learned on this project. I started out with my knitting booklet where I would write the whole pattern in to be able to have all the patterns I ever knit toghether in one booklet.. this was fantastic because I’d have to go through the entire pattern before starting to knit and I’d always have to check it very carefully, but I stopped using it because it was very time consuming and ofcourse I’m a fan of jumping in head-first without thinking… I also learned that I suck at using DPN’s for sleeves.. I didn’t have any trouble using them on hats but obviously sleeves don’t work for me… my knitting became very very tight and there’s this ‘edge’ forming on two sides of the sleeve which sucks a lot…



So here’s the reason behind the ‘dramatic’ title, since this blog is still here to help me evolve into a better person and to help me organize myself: chaos has ruled my life for as long as I remember. The happiest times were the most chaotic times. I’ve been a workaholic without an actual ‘life’ to get to and I need this to stop. So in order to get to the zen like state I’d like to have some day, I need to lose this religion. And letting go is a part of that.
It may seem that it’s just knitting, but it’s not. These projects help me in a way to see the things I do wrong in my personal life and in my ‘career’. A year ago I would’ve been so bummed about the sleeve that I would’ve cast it aside and not look at it again for a whole year, being unable to face my failure. But now I embrace it 🙂 (am I sounding corny yet? 😉 )

Today I frogged the first sleeve I ever made (which cost me a lot of time as wel…) only to be halfway done with the sleeve an hour later 🙂

PS. I’m NEVER using DPN’s again.. magic loop is the only way to go 😀

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