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Spinning is taking over my life.. I’m not by any means a monogamous when it comes to knitting projects but I once decided I didn’t want to spend whole years on projects.. Right know I’m trying to prepare for winter knitting/ sewing because I might not be able to keep up when I’m busy doing my graduation year stuffs.. so I’ll need to be prepared (and warm).

The last few weeks I’ve been doing some rearranging in the house and we threw a lot of stuff out to make some space. After more than 3 years we’re starting to get used to the house and using it in a more efficient manner. It’s a difficult house people.. 😛 we have no storage room…..

Anyway, while doing some cleanup rounds I encountered some interesting things:


Remember this one? This is Balsam II, an FO from 2009. I loved the first Balsam but there were some serious mistakes in that one and I couldn’t see it anymore without wanting to burn it..

When I started out knitting I was very uncaring about what I knit. Everything was practice and none of the projects were made with seriousness… I have changed.. At some points I’m a little embarrassed at myself because all my experimenting and my practice knits are on the webs for all to see, but on the other hand it’s also very nice to see how I’ve changed and how this ‘hobby’ has completely taken over 😛 I have a perfectionist in me but I’ve tried to lock her up because she’s a foul and judgemental little monster, but the more I knit, and the more I see my own handknits, the more tears I see in the iron cage locking my little monster inside.

It’s time to let her out I guess… Balsam I has been thrown out.. I seriously can’t look at it, and the yarn… omg.. I seriously can’t believe I BOUGHT this yarn… what was I thinking?? 😛 Ignorance is bliss people…

So back to our subject: patient x (Balsam II) is not feeling well.. See the whole point of a cowl is to keep your neck/ face (and in this case shoulder) warm. I knit this project (mainly the first one) because I spend a lot of my time behind a computer (or a laptop) and I tend to get cramps in my neck. So the best thing was a long cowl that went from my chin to halfway my upper arm (to keep my back warm as well). The most important thing about this cowl is that it does NOT curl at any point…

The problems with Balsam II are the following:

– the top part curls outward;
– the top part is 2 repeats too wide;
– the top part is way too long, causing it to sag;
– the shoulder part is not wide enough;
– the shoulder part curls upward

The reason is that I actually knit this project with my mom in mind, but I gave her something else instead (I can’t remember why) and decided to finish it for myself, but I guess I forgot to change the measurements… 😛

The other problem is that there’s at least 3 balls left I don’t know what to do with…


I still like the project enough so I think I might just reknit this one and this time make a (much) longer version but I can’t be sure yet 🙂 I’ll keep you posted on this one 🙂


Remember this one? Here be the Hemlock Ring blanket by Jared Flood. I started this project with a lot of happiness and joy but made so many mistakes in this little blanket I just want this thing to be done and over with… Unlike the original this pattern is variegated and might take the attention away from the little mistakes left, but I can only be sure once it’s been blocked. It’s not the project or the pattern, this is definately me. The pattern was great and simple but for some reason I just can’t get the counting right. Obviously if I started over there would be no problem but this thing is HUGE.. and I mean really really really big 😛 I tried stretching it a bit (as it would be once blocked) and it had a diameter of 2 meters…


This crumpled little heap looks so innocent… so cute… I went over the ending row of the pattern (I believe with 18 or 20 yo’s in one pattern repeat.. I’m on 24 now) and I still have yarn left… enough for another 4-5 rounds… *le sigh*

I’m just so scared it will look horrendous once it’s been blocked so I’m not even sure if I want to continue and finish or just frog the whole thing and be done with this masochism…


see what I mean… that’s a whole lot of yarn left and nothing I can knit with it once the blanket is done.. argh…


On a much happier note I have a very pretty sock to show you 😉 I cast on 32 instead of 28 but I’m not sure, if this one works out I’ll write up (go back and count) my modifications 😀 But so far it works like it’s working out 🙂


see? no ugly stretchy stockinette 😀

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