Leyburn sock in progress

Leyburn sock for BF

Honestly, I believe the color adds a whole new level of prettiness in this sock 😛

Remember this one? And I don’t mean the fat pidgeon.. I cast-on for the Leyburn sock with some white lidl sockyarn a while ago, and it was another attempt at toe-up sock knitting. I mean it’s not all that bad.. This one was actually quite good, and this one was even better. But that was pretty much it… this one, when the heel was turned too early, or this one with the same problem that somehow disappeared from the blogisphere.. or this one, which turned out so tight around the ankles I couldn’t get them off anymore.. 😛 And last but not least the practice sock where the misery started (the heel turned too quickly and too few stitches… 😛

I suck at knitting socks toe-up… however the two attempts at cuff-down sock knitting were botch a great success 😀 (here and here)

I think the universe has made its point clear, and in hopes to maintain my sanity I will steer clear from toe-up socks, translating them to cuff-down socks whenever I can. Like with this particular sock.

Leyburn sock for BF

This yarn too, is from the lidl and I love the colors. Obviously, as a student, I don’t have the financial means to buy good quality yarn and the yarn I used for the Francie socks I finished only 1.5 month ago is pilling like a biatch… which is the same as this yarn… and the white yarn.. and the blue yarn I used for my Kalajoki socks…..

So in a way I’m seeing these socks as practice socks.. all of them.. because by the time I’ll be able to afford good quality sockyarn I’m used to knitting socks from the top of my head and my hands will fly (or at least I hope… :P)

Leyburn sock for BF

I noticed that the change in size between my feet and my BF’s feet is just the difference between socks knit with a 2.5mm needle or 2.75mm. I cast on 60 stitches with a 2.5mm needle for a 1×1 ribbed cuff because the Francie socks are sagging a lot (which BF doesn’t mind but still). Then I switched to the larger needles for the rest of the sock. The full notes (if anyone is interested) can be found on my projects page.

Leyburn sock for BF

The ‘hardest’ part was the leg part with the all round lattice stitch. This part took the longest amount of time. From the heel flap to toe it only took me about two episodes of The Tudors 😛 I’m hoping to finish the other one soon!

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