Another week, another fair haha! No seriously, this was the last one for this year. What an incredible ride! I’m super greatful for all of you who came by and all of you who supported us and everyone of you who stopped by at our little stand at the HUUUGE KreaDoe fair!

There’s a bit of a learning curve, and you could easily see how most people at the fair have had a few fairs under their belt. Compared to the KreaDoe the Breidagen fair was a lot more informal.

I’m usually the one taking pictures, so it’s nice my dad took a few pictures of me too 🙂 see! I was there too! I honestly really loved our stand, it was very colorful and cozy, I had forgotten about the flags, so I added those on the third day 🙂

Strangely enough a lot of people were confused about the (HUGE) Scheepjes stand, and they thought that we were “The Scheepjes Stand”, even before I hung up the flags. I was a bit confused to be honest because (as you can see) the real Scheepjes Stand was easily recognizable from the other side of the hall haha (We were very flattered of course!)

I took a quick break from everything to take a pose my pretty Soft Shell Pashima shawl 🙂

On the Thursday I had to take Melina with me, but it was honestly (maybe) not the best idea. I had no other choice, but it’s not really a good place for a baby 🙂 It’s super crowded, lots of noise and color. She did take a few naps wrapped up, but overall I’m not sure I’d do it again 🙂

Gotta love that Dydimos mosaic wrap <3

Jep, all of us are going to the Jaarbeurs. You can bet I used a different route the next few days 😀

At the fair I met a lady who wrote a book about tunisian crochet. Now I’ve googled a bit about it, and I’ve heard a bit more about it, but I never knew you could actually do the things she can do with it. Cables and lacework tunisian crochet is something I never even knew existed. I’m glad I met her, and I decided to start selling books in the shop because we didn’t really have any.

I’ve been knitting 🙂

and crocheting,

and knitting some more,

Then there was more knitting,

and yarn was bought.

My drives home were absolutely amazing!

I’m sorry for the super quick post, it’s a week or two overdue and I’ve been swamped with all sorts of things, and to top it off, my kid has brought home some nice new virus, so we’re all feeling a little less than spectacular 😛

Apparently the kids had a blast while mom was out, but I’m happy to say they also had some fun with me aroun:

This is Ma’iq reading is favorite book “Frog needs a bath”

I’ve already got 2 FO’s so I’m just hurrying this post along so I can move back to the flow of blogging and life in general. Which is another reason why it took me so long to blog: wowza unpacking is quite a lot of work!

Happy yarning!

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