Kiwi, Noodles & CPH

ssssstt, try to be quiet.. there’s a little kitty sleeping next to me :O

Last time I told you about how I wanted to adopt kittens and now I’d like you to meet them 🙂 On friday morning we went to the animal shelter here in Rotterdam and asked for kittens (because we’d seen them on the website), but the clerk told us that they didn’t have any kittens at the moment. We decided that we’d still like to take a look and when we came in the cat-section (all the way to the back of the complex) the woman there told us that they just got a nest of kittens who were quarantined 🙂

There were 4 tabby’s that had been found in the streets. They were seven weeks old and we could take them with us immediately. They had been chipped, and vaccinated once and have to have their second shots in three weeks time. Before their 6th month they will be sterilized as well. It was very difficult to pick them because we wanted two and they were all so cute 😀 *drool* in the end we chose the two that played the most and seemed the most fearless (hihi).

While I’m typing this one of them (we named her Kiwi) is sleeping in the living room on the couch, and the other one (we named her Noodles but we’re not sure about it yet) is sleeping next to my computer chair wheel (wtf..) in the sun 😀


Kiwi & Noodles
Kiwi & NoodlesKiwi & Noodles

arent they cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute 😀 I think they are 🙂 but since I don’t want to clutter the knitblog (again) I’ve made another little blog for them 🙂 you can visit this blog HERE 🙂 It won’t be updated a lot I think but I’ll try to post some funny kitty stuff there for the fans ^____^

anyway, so there’s the reason.. that’s why I haven’t been knitting… I can’t stop looking/ playing at/ with them :O:O:O But I did manage to do a little bit of knitting on the side (while they slept on my lap after playing with my yarn hihi)
CPH wipCPH wip

In the last post I said that I didn’t like the raglan ‘line’ and didn’t like how the cables just started out of nowhere. So I tried to alternate the knits and purls but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted so I made the raglan line more dominant. This way it’s a clear line and the cable comes from this line which I do like more. The thing I’m seeing now is that I forgot to mirror the right and left side.. I just added a 1×1 rib over 6 stitches between the increases, but forgot to mirror. It’s not a big deal and I don’t mind because you don’t really notice it anyway, only when you know it’s there hehehe. At the moment I’m working on my third skein (just started) so I’m starting to get worried… this little baby just might get a bit more expensive than I imagined haha.
meh.. I’m still happy about the yarn tho.. this hoodie is just too pretty for cheapo acrylics yarn 😀

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