Kicking off 2016

Hello from the other side <3

Here’s the first post of 2016 and I think I can say I’m proud of myself already. The new years resolutions that aren’t supposed to be new years resolutions are working out already 🙂 Hopefully I can stick to it and keep it up this year, but let’s see what happened so far.

  1. About losing weight I have the following the say. I started (again) tracking my calories with the myfitnesspal app and I’m loving it. I used to do this a few years ago, but the app was really new back then, and the Dutch site wasn’t filled with all the food stuffs as it is now. So tracking my food was very labor intensive and most of the information was incomplete. Back then I was on the Keto diet (which I still love, but don’t do because of baby), so I had to keep track of my macros.
    If you aren’t familiar with the app: it as a barcode scanner and most of the items I’ve scanned were already logged by somebody else already. So all you have to do is scan the barcode (if it’s the first time you’re logging something) and then select how much you ate. Easy peasy. So I’ve added the amount of calories used for breastfeeding as exercise because I’m definitely not on a diet. I researched how many calories a 6month old drinks in milk and rounded it off. I started this week and I already know that I should be drinken a LOT more water than I am. I’m so busy doing all sorts of things I completely forget to drink. So it’s been beneficial already. yay!
  2. Soo the me-time is working out differently than I had initially imagined. I thought I’d be able to put baby down for a nap and spend some time blogging. Right now I have a sleeping baby in de wrap while I’m working on this post. It’s a phase. First of all, baby is eating solids and not all of it is going down easily. It’s not the eating, it’s the processing of the food that causes discomfort. He eats like a champ 😛 Anyway, I kept putting him down in his bed, but he’d wake up within 10 minutes (which is not really normal), he’d also wake up if I held him in a horizontal position in my arms. So now that I know what the issue is, I wrap him up for his naps, and he sleeps within minutes 🙂 It’s a win-win because I can do my things and he can do his napping. By putting him down in his bed he missed sleep and he’d get very cranky (and he wasn’t the only one). Anyway, it’s obviously not a permanent solution, but we’ve walked this path before.. he’ll get over what’s bothering him and keeping him up, and he’ll want to sleep in his own bed again. (I’m sorry I guess there’s going to be some babytalk here as well..)
  3. Blog and comment more: yay I’ve already been more vocal than 2015! I love reading blogs and being active on the forums. Also: today my new phone (finally) arrived and there’s so much more I can do with my own phone rather than a borrowed one. This is my first post of 2016 and I want to make it count.
  4. Well, I guess the above one was only meant for blogging.. I guess this should’ve been just 1 thing combined.
  5. Been working on this one as well! I usually do the FWCC(Front Wrap Cross Carry), which is very nice but not very ‘poppable’. Basically, you need to tie and re-tie every time. You can’t just take baby out and place baby back (poppable). So it’s a bit time consuming. Sometimes right after perfecting a knot baby will want some boob, or some diaper.. and then you need to untie again. So I’m working on learning the FCC (Front Cross Carry). The difference is that the FCC is very poppable and super easy to adjust. You can also use this one for breastfeeding because it’s so easy to adjust. I’ve already tried it a few times and I’m loving it. Normally the FCC is knotted in the front, but you can also do a knotless version if you have a shorter wrap (or a bigger baby)
  6. I haven’t worked on anything yet, but today I reclaimed my working space and cleaned up the clutter that had accumulated on my desk. When I don’t work, people tend to leave stuff on my working space (me too, so it’s ok), but now that I’m working again I’m able to keep this area clutter free! This is the most important step anyway, because I’m a huge procrastinator and I’ll procrastinate even if I can’t find a good reason. Clearing away the clutter before I start working is definitely one way to help procrastination..

So anyway, I’d thought of another thing I wanted to work on, but I forgot (yay, nice going). I guess I’ll stop the rant part and move onto the actually knitting stuff.
PS: I remembered: I want to organize my rav stuff and my blog! I haven’t taken pictures of my stash, and I’m not good with keeping up my spinning projects. Right now I don’t know how much I’ve knit, finished and/ or spun. Sucky. So that’s something that needs to happen! (also: I still need to organize my Flickr stuff, but that’s much easier since the update and the flickr uploadr was released. I’ll talk about this one later).

gramps cardigan part 2

Here’s my gramps cardigan. You may have seen the other one I knit on instagram (pictured below). While looking for it I realized I haven’t even blogged it, and what’s even worse: I never even finished it (it didn’t have any buttons ARGH). What kind of knitting mom am I anyway.. BOOHOO!

So to redeem myself I started another one (somewhere in November, see.. still a sucky knitting mom T.T), but I’ll finish it before the end of January (2016!).

So after the move I went for a little stroll through the shopping area and lo and behold the drycleaners doubles as a yarn store… Gotta love those yarnies… Anyway, so I couldn’t leave empty handed (of course) and I bought 4 balls of this stuff.. it’s Katia Cotton-merino “plus” and it’s dreamyyy. It’s so soft and squishy I want to hug it. So far I’m not sure what to knit with it, but I’m sure it’ll tell me what it wants to become. I’m hoping something for DS 🙂

katia, cotton-merino "plus"

While working on other things and feeling bad about not having knit so much for DS, I realized I haven’t knit anything yet for DH. Well there was this one time I designed Deerception for him (and I think he looks so hunky in those pictures). But other than that… he has some fingerless gloves and a few pairs of socks (I steal every time).

I’m writing it as if I had planned this all along, but I hadn’t. I’m just hoping DH will skip over this part while reading.. I didn’t have any plans at all when I bought these delicious yarns from Dutchwooldiva. I saw them, I fell in love and I ordered them. I don’t even know how it happened, it was lightning fast. So here I am, owning 3 gorgeous hanks of romeo and no way to explain myself.. I mean.. 3.. I can hide one, but 3.

wip romeo
The plans I had grew and they became much bigger, so I decided to ask the Diva for 3 more of these, and being the awesome dyer she is: she delivered:


I’m currently working on my second ball, but I planned to make something for DS as well so they’ll match when they wear it. I’m planning on knitting this sweater in the remaining Romeo for DS. It’s so manly but yet so incredibly cute! I’m still not sure if I’m going for two colored brioche or not. I think it could be very pretty if I find a matching color to go with it. It might be a little too serious.. but then.. it’s romeo.. what could possibly go wrong <3

spinning again <3

In other news: I’m spinning again! This is also what reminded me to keep better track of my spinning projects. I’m not really sure when I started spinning, but at least I made a project for it on Rav so I can keep track now.

love this view

They say knitting is like meditation, but spinning is the same, without the counting and thinking. I love how quiet my mind goes when I’m spinning.

hello there Ma'iq

When you have your first baby, people tell you to enjoy every bit of it, because they grow up so fast. You don’t believe it because the 3 am feedings can make your days feel like weeks.. But looking back I understand what they mean. There’s so many things happening at once.. it’s very easy to lose track of all the things that are happening 🙂

maybe I can finally finish these....

Which brings me to this last picture.. I’ve never -ever- spent so much time (not) knitting on 1″ of fudging ribbing.. I mean.. what happened here… 

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