One of the most amusing parts of blogging is the search terms that guide visitors to a blog. This is my fifth year of blogging and in the past four years I’ve blogged about a great number of things. Most of them knitting related. So it’s really no wonder that people should find my blog when searching for knitting related things (or things I’ve blogged about).

On a non-knitting related note: a number of people found my blog because they were looking for information about airbrushing dragons, about a certain knitting pattern, a certain brand of yarn or even about michelangelo’s art (I’ve done some master studies and sketches). Most of them, however, involve either the words or parts of the word combination ‘space invaders’.

Of the 245 posts published on this blog, only 5 of them mention the term space invaders, this post excluded. Two posts are actually about space invader patterns I was working on (again, not counting this post).

Here’s the kicker… of the top 10 search terms (of all time) of this blog, 6 of them are space invader related. In the complete list of all search terms there are no less than 94 variations including ‘space invaders’.

I hear you…

You want space invaders? YOU CAN HAVE SPACE INVADERS GRR!

This here wip is the Thistle shawl. The original sports a different motif, but I felt that this was one of those patterns that would support a space invaders motif just fine.

space invader thistle
The original pattern is very nice as well πŸ™‚ The pattern is easy to follow, just don’t forget to increase every right side row (knitting in the round). I made the mistake of not reading and I had to rip rip rip..

I’m knitting this shawl to please all of the fine people who visited my blog and may have been disappointed by the low quantity of space invader knitting πŸ™‚ Thank you for your visit πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Invasion

  1. You’ve inspired me: I’m going to check the search terms used most often in my blog’s direction! Though I do think it’s something along the lines of “free hot water bottle pattern”. There seems to be many knitters out there looking for one.

  2. That’s too funny! I used to write a music blog, all sorts of genres but almost exclusively indie, and one of my co-bloggers did a funny post about the trend (at the time) for Top 40 hip-hop songs that had their own dance. It was just a giggle, but it became our most popular post by far, and our top 10 search terms were always, always related to hip-hop dance fads. It used to amuse me and annoy me in equal measures! πŸ™‚

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