I can’t brain today….

I have the stupid…… or I AM stupid.. I don’t really know.. Let me explain what happened.

In Octobre 2009 I bought a few balls of Cortina Sock wool from the Lidl. I went on and knit Rosalie with it and rechecked the part where it said the yarn was machine washable…. So I put the knit in the washing machine on 30 and ‘hand wash mode’… it came out like this:



beside the fact that I’m incredibly annoyed about this I must admit the yarn felted wonderfully! It didn’t stick and the shape is exactly the way it was supposed the look.. only half the size it used to be…. 😐 Obviously I can’t wear this anymore but I have been thinking about knitting the french press felted slippers with this yarn now, and use the alpaca for something else :O

So while I was working on the Corona I realized it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind and with Rosalie out of the picture like this I was intruiged to try another design of my own.. I do have some ideas but I’d like to think them through before actually posting it yet 🙂 But I did order me a nice hank of Malabrigo Sock in Botticelli Red via HolyWoly. I received the hank like this and this just shows me how much love and care there is for yarn over there @ HolyWoly! Thanks again! 🙂



The color is just amazing, it’s exactly what I was hoping it would be!

Meanwhile after thinking it through for what feels like forever I finally started on the Deep V argyle vest by Eunny Jang. I really like the vest since it’s a timeless classic and can be worn allmost everyday here in the Netherlands, but the fair isle scared me off.. I’ve had some encounters with two colored knitting and have failed miserably to such an extend that I had promised myself to never touch it again… especially after the felting FAIL with the french press felted slippers I was too scared to really try it out…

The call proved to be too strong and I decided to try it out anyway, but not with superpretty expesive yarn since this would still be an experiment.. so I went to buy a few skeins of Wibra Saskia in brown and beige. The yarn is nice enough for acrylic yarn but it’s very cheap so even if I would fail miserably it would still not really matter and would only count as an experiment.. a learning experience instead of a horrible waste of lucious yarn.

Deep V argyle vest wip

The picture above shows the colors much better than the picture below where the contrast is too high. After three swatches (one of them in the round) I think I’m finally starting to ‘get’ how this works 🙂

Deep V argyle vest wip

This is what works for me: I hold both yarns in my left hand and while knitting one color I let the other color feed along, and during knitting I make sure the stitches on my right hand needle are stretched (not too much). The first round seemed a bit loose but I noticed this was due to the shape of the ribbing and not because it was actually too loose. While knitting some stitches seemed loose as well but when I stretched the fabric a bit it would look just fine 🙂

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