I haven’t been posting much for a while because I’ve had some new toy to play with 🙂

I haz a carrrr!!

I’ll have a picture next time but I just couldn’t keep it quiet 😀 It’s still extremely dirty and it doesn’t have a radio yet but when it’s cleaned up I’ll post some pics 😀

Back to business: in the previous posts I already mentioned me knitting the deep v argyle vest with acrylic yarns anyway just to practice fair isle knitting in a cheap way. The acrylics yarn I’m using for this project is not even half that bad and it feels nice against my hands so I think I did make a right choice there. The only problem is the steeks and the cutting. I’m crocheting the steeks (really tight) with drops alpaca and I’m hoping on the super felting ability to work in my favor and hold the stitches anyway. I’m curious to see how they hold up, so far it’s fine, but if I see anything loose I’ll go grab the sewing machine. I think it should be ok tho.

Deep V argyle vest wip

So far I’m very happy with the way it’s turned out and hope it will survive the steek-cutting and the first wash…

Deep V argyle vest wip

Here you see the crochet and cut steek. This is the first time I’ve ever knit something with steeks and if it’s a success it’s definately something I’ll use more often 🙂

girasole wip

The day before yesterday I had to spend a few hours waiting for my dad in the hospital (nothing serious just a simple procedure) and obviously it all took a whole lot longer than we thought it would so I spent the whole day kntting in the restaurant accompanied with my ipod. While watching groups of elderly people come in and talk about new hips and new knees, I finished the deep v vest and started on the Girasole.

JaggerSpun Zephyr 2/18 is I think the softest yarn I have felt yet. It’s nice and soft but also warm at the same time, I can’t wait to finish this one 😀 It also inspires me to finish the print o the wave stole, which turned out, is MUCH lighter yarn than the JaggerSpun. I bought it thinking it was laceweight but now I know for sure that it’s much much less than laceweight…. so yea.. I learned something w00h00 🙂

girasole wip

Even as a crumpled heap of knitted yarn this stuff looks good. The soft shininess of the silk… ahhhh

girasole wip

Out of pure fear of not having enough yarn to finish I didn’t swatch and I didn’t wash to see how the yarn reacts while blocking, so there’s again a very nice surprise 🙂 I’ll show some more as soon as I have some 🙂

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