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It’s taken me a bit of time, but I’ve finally joined the Hygge CAL and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve heard some stories about how the bubble stitch doesn’t pop, and people who don’t get gauge and whatnot, but to be honest I haven’t had any problems so far. I’m a loose knitter, but apparently I also crochet on the loose side, so maybe that helps? I did tug on the last stitch to keep it tight, maybe that has something to do with it? I don’t know. Either way, super happy with the way it’s turning out 🙂

I guess I’m either very low maintenance, lucky or just risky, because I cast on (do you say that with crochet as well?) without even so much as a gauge swatch! Oh snap! I guess I’ll see where I end up and if I have to get another ball of yarn at some point, but I don’t really mind. I like my wraps drapey and I like my stitches on the loose side (because I’m paranoid about my wrists people :P)

Look at the cuteness! I’m making mine in “Pastel” and I’m loving it! It’s not going to be mine to be honest, I’m making this one for my new baby 🙂 I know a baby isn’t going to need a full sized wrap, but I probably will when I’m breastfeeding. I also plan on using it as a little blanket (just folded up).

I had a bit of a hard time choosing which one I wanted to make. Most people want the rainbow, the mermaid went like crazy, but the pastel seemed less popular. It’s funny to me because the moment I saw the pastel I fell in love with it, it’s just not really my colors. I’m a “fall” type, and pastel colors make me look.. eh.. ‘unhealthy’. On the other hand they’re absolutely perfect for a spring time baby, so I just went for it. There’s going to be a pink one as well, but I felt that one was a bit too pink for my liking.

I had never crocheted the bubble stitch before, but I honestly can’t get enough. I love how cute and adorable they are, I love how the colors look together and I love working on this thing. It’s really entertaining! I’m obviously only working on “week 1”, and I believe we’re almost in week 3, so I’m a bit behind, but I don’t mind at all 🙂

So, a short and sweet little update 🙂 I’m going to crochet some more! are you considering to join? you can also choose your own colors if you prefer! Go check Kirsten’s blog! It’s the designers blog and she’s made a post about her favorite combinations!

happy knitting crocheting!

ps: updated because I was missing a paragraph and some words 🙂

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