Hello world :)

Hello world! It’s taken a few days but I’m finally back in the game. My resting bitch face lasted for 4 whole days and after that I had to clean up the mess that had accumulated over those four days. Babies make a lot of mess apparently, so there’s (still) a lot of laundry to be done. The teething is still an ongoing process but at least there are no night time poops.. so there’s that. Thanks for the kind comments, I’m sorry I haven’t replied, I usually reply but I’ve really been out of it this past week. I’ll be sure to reply next time 😀


In the mean time I’ve been working on a new project.. Shocker.. I know 😛 For some reason I keep starting new projects, but at least I can feel guilty about them now haha. I noticed that my kitty Noodles keeps sleeping on my lopi vest, and I suddenly remembered that she’s always been a fan of knitwear beds.


This is an older picture of Noodles sleeping on the Lopi pullover I made for my BIL, she’d actually go looking for it..

there you are!

Before I knit with lopi yarn she also liked cascade 220, but ever since lopi entered this house, nothing has been deemed good enough…

So Now I’m working on a simple granny square blanket for her. I’m going to make granny squares of all my lopi yarns I have left and then I’ll sew them together. I’m hoping I can get 2 or maybe even 3 little blankets for her, so I can place them all over the house 🙂

Finally! The last ball!

The last few days I’ve been so excited about this project I can’t seem to be able to put it down. I’ve finally attached the final ball and I’m making good progress on it! The yarn at the end of the third ball was a bit heavier than the rest of the yarns and I feared the third ball would be even thicker as well, but apparently it was only just a little bit and the third ball is the same weight as the rest of the blanket. I’m actually very pleased with the yarn. This is the first big project I’ve spun in a while and also the first big project I’ve spun on my new wheel. I’m really pleased with the evenness of the yarn. I know there’s always room for progress, but I think I’m comfortable enough now to actually spin a sweaters worth of handspun now! I’m already thinking of this years’ Tour de Fleece and I seriously can not wait! The summer of 2015 went completely past me as I was preoccupied with Ma’iq, but this year! He’ll be 1 year old and there will be a lot of playing (on his side) and spinning (on my side) in the new garden <3

In the mean time I managed to finish the first mitten and immediately cast on for the second. I’ve finished the ribbing and I’m going to start the chart now. I might actually make it and finish it this month! But if I don’t, it’s not going to take much longer 🙂

peach tree blossom

While being completely busy with all the baby related things, I keep forgetting that it’s almost spring and I reaaally need to get this garden fixed. Some things need to be replanted and some things need to be removed.. Most of the plants are ready for spring so I’ll really need to hurry now. 


Last year the raspberry plant wasn’t all too happy with the tiny pot it had. I’ll need to repot it so it can grow big and strong!

saffron crocus

I’m not sure exactly when I bought these but I think it was somewhere in september or late august. These are saffron crocusses (?) and are supposed to grow in the fall.. This is how I just dug them out of the dark. I still need to plant them, even though I’m afraid I’m a bit too late lol. 


Here’s a picture of the blueberry bush I thought had died. Lucky break! It’s still alive (and also in need of a bigger pot!) Just like the sour cherry tree below! I’m actually very lucky with the gentle winter we’ve had, because this plant needs warmer weather than we usually have 🙂 I’m just glad it survived the winter <3

sour cherry

The roses are doing great! I have two climbing roses and these things are really having fun! Look at this little guy go! For reference, this is the one that wouldn’t grow at first…

climbing rose

climbing rose

In other completely unrelated news: Juandissimo is back! Well.. I mean to say that we received a new one because they couldn’t repair the old one. I’m so happy! My feet are happy! No vacuuming the kitchen anymore is so awesome <3 I really really really love this thing. So much time spent knitting/ crocheting because I don’t have to vacuum <3 Happy knitting everybody! 

vacuum robot

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