hello 2010!

Before everything I hope you all had a great time and wish you all lots of happiness and good health for the new year. For the first time since I remember I felt the need to be ‘alone’. I disconnected from the world to be with my familiy and tried to forget about everything else, and I have to say that it was a very nice experience of a change 🙂

Since I’ve already said a lot about organizing I’ll cut to the chase and start ‘bloggin’ hahaha 🙂 I think of having the mondays for drawing, since I’ll have the weekend to work on them. I like to have time for my drawings and not only draw something very quickly just for the sake of posting. I’ve also still got a shirt lying around waiting to be airbrushed. So from the next monday (since there’s been no drawing yet this weekend) there will be art present 🙂 It might also be a very good way to get rid of the mondays if I have something to look forward to on a monday 🙂 I actually learned this from Ned’s Survival Guide.. and yes I watch that stuff! (it’s hilarious).

Since organizing my time and my life is a part of my new years resolutions I’m going to learn how to organize my stuff as well. There’s so much stuff here I’m trying to get rid off but I don’t really know either how to store them or how to throw them away. So I’ll be working on that as well (hasn’t got much to do with the blog but I think I’ll have nicer pictures when it’s not such a mess all the time (lol give me a break I’m still a lazy student).

Anyways, last time I was talking about the french slippers and the felting FAIL, by now I’ve found something to replace the wool yarn and the knitting/ felting action can begin! I had a bit of left-over Classic Alpaca and did some felting on it. It worked out pretty well, though I didn’t really put a real effort in it and the rectangular shaped knitting came out a little disfigured. But it’s okay I guess. This piece was also knit with a 9.0mm needle since I didn’t have a 10mm.



The felt piece looks smooth and I can’t define the stitches anymore so I think that if I try to felt it a little better it’ll work out just fine.

Since my feet are always cold and I really like the pattern I decided to make two sets, a pink one and a blue one, I immediately ordered 4 skeins of both colors and a 10.0mm needle and received a little present from Finlandia Import!


While waiting for the yarn to arrive I started another project. I still had a skein of Drops Alpaca left from the lacy mitts and didn’t know what to do with it, and then I walked into the Koolhaas pattern from Jared Flood. It’s a very pretty hat and it’s getting very cold in these parts so I needed to get rid of my ‘hats-don’t-look-good-on-me’ state of mind and decided to frog the lacy mitts (since I don’t wear them) and claim the yarn for Koolhaas 😀 I immediately fell in love with the pattern and decided to make one for my grandfathers 86th birthday and for my dad 😀 The pictures are a little crappy since I took them with my phone, but I’ll have better pictures when my dads version is done 🙂

Koolhaas hat

Koolhaas hat

Koolhaas hat

The ones I made for my grandfather and for my dad is made with the Wibra yarn called (I think) Saskia, but I’m not sure.

I’ve also been working on the unnamed project which should be getting a name soon.. I’ve added some short rows for the chest area since I was afraid it would stretch and pull since I have the lace Japanse feather and fan on the back. I must say I’m very pleased with the way it’s turning out. I’m already almost done with the first sleeve but I’ll have pictures when it’s really done instead of now 🙂

wip unnamed 1.0

wip unnamed 1.0

Hope to have some nice updates soon 🙂

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