Happy spring!

Or ‘new day’ as it is called in Farsi (Iranian/ Persian). It was actually yesterday, but I was busy doing other things so I forgot about the blogging world. Sorry about that 🙂

My parents borrowed my camera so I have some mobile phone pictures for you today, and the first thing I’d like to show you is my brothers’s goldfish and my Noodles hanging out.

Aren’t they cute? So Noodles is helping me ‘watch’ the fish.. I’m not sure if you can see it in the picture but I taped the lid shut just to be safe.

I’ve spent a few evenings spinning on my russian and I noticed that my hands were starting to hurt. What you see here is 47 grams of singles on a 34 gram spindle… I decided to ply the yarn and try again on a naked spindle.

One of the first things I noticed is how thin the yarn seemed compared the the other skein. I thought I had spun the yarn quite thin on the wheel but I hadn’t expected this. Overall the yarn is fairly consistent, if a little thinner.

I still haven’t washed the skein so it might just relax a little and puff up (like I think the other skein did). If it doesn’t I’ll have to knit another swatch and see what will happen I guess.

I feel like I’m on a roll because I felt like knitting another cardigan as soon as I had my Truffle Cardigan off the needles. I’ve had Oranje in my queue list for a while and I had already planned to use my 3 skeins of malabrigo terracotta and my 1.5 skein of malabrigo botticelli red. I’m using zettl sockyarn in natural as the other contrast color. The picture, as is to be expected, doesn’t do the color justice. Terracotta is one explosive color!

When I’m done with this I’m hoping to wear it on Koninginnedag (Queens day on April 30) and during the colder days of the European Championships this summer. I might even wear it during this years TdF 😛

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