Sometimes the simplest things are the ones that stare us in the face. Unfortunately, it can take some time before we see them. Sometimes we don’t even see them at all. As I’m reading through Marie Kondo’s book, I’m starting to realize that her method isn’t just about cleaning up your house. She simply writes that you should surround yourself with things that make you happy. I’ve done a lot of things that I thought would make me happy, but in the end, didn’t make me happy at all. Some of those things only made me think that they’d make me happy, and in the end, they made me very unhappy indeed.

There have been a number of knitting projects that haven’t delivered. I decided that part of cleaning up (in the end) should also contain the blog, flickr and my computerfiles. I’m saving these for last, but right now I’m thinking about all the things that made me happy and blogging is one of the big happy things in my life.

garnstudio's yarn

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how you felt at a certain time, this blog has helped me to reconnect with myself over many good and not so good events in my life. When looking at this picture for instance I used to feel a bit sad. It was the first batch of non-acrylics yarns I ordered, during a time in my life when I was very depressed and overall very sad. When I look at these pictures I can almost see the dark clouds that hung over my head  haha. In a way, this batch of yarn saved my life 🙂 I’ve become a very happy and postive person since I bought that batch of yarn. I guess that’s why I’ve been buying so much yarn… <3

Anyway, I was going to write about happiness in knitting and knitting projects.

I used to be a total project knitter, but after a while I transitioned to a process knitter. Now that I’m looking at my clothing (organizing etc.) I realize that I have hardly any knitwear.. What..? How did this happen? First of all.. I felted a lot of stuff. I’m stupid like that. I’ve cried over it, and I’ve come to the simple conclusion that I’m stupid.

Then there’s the projects I started (and even finished) using the wrong kind of yarn, projects that had mistakes in them which I lazily finished anyway. Guess what..? the mistakes started to bother me in the end and they were frogged. Some projects were simply knit with the wrong (kind of) yarn and were frogged.

Here’s a few of them:
Spiral Cowl:
spiral cowl by Ilga Leja

I’m not going to be hard on myself over this one. This one dates from March 2009 and is one of my earliest actual FOs. I used to knit Persian style back then, and as you can see I got twisted stitches when I knit in the round. I never knew about this until I started knitting in the round. How weird is this. Anyway, there’s obvious mistakes I was too lazy to fix. This one ended up in the frog pond (but will probably be reknit because it’s such an awesome pattern and nice accessory to have!)

Lelah top

This is one of those things I knit and frogged. I knit this using the wrong kind of yarn. At the time I didn’t have a lot of experience with different kinds of yarns..

This reminds me of this post…

FO: Shipwreck

This is one of the few that isn’t frogged, only because it can’t be frogged. Apparently Malabrigo lace felts and shrinks after a while! This shawl is somewhat felted and it has shrunk a LOT… I really love this shawl but 1: the yarn wasn’t good for this project, and 2: the color was a poor choice. This is one of the few pictures that actually shows any of the lace pattern. Other than that it’s color vomit 🙁

arisaig back wip
This one belongs on the list of things I reallly regret frogging. I don’t even know why I frogged it. I knit this with 2.0mm or 2,25 and it was gorgeous. I guess I wasn’t happy with something, but I’m still not sure what. Blergh. 

I think I already mentioned felting Vaila.. still salty about it.. blergh

Hemlock blanket
Hemlock ring blanket wtfThis is also frogged because I chose the wrong yarn. From a distance it was just color vomit again. 

Deep V argyle
Deep V argyle vest wip

Looking back all I can think is: what were you thinking? an argyle vest knit with acrylics yarn. I was supposed to steek this thing. I also managed not to read the instructions right and not to make a good gauge swatch. It turned out a LOOT bigger than it was supposed to. Ahh.. rookie mistakes.

corona wip

Another acrylics fail. I love the Corona pullover, but not in acrylics. Frogged 

FO hewFirst handspun project ever was frogged because I don’t know what I did wrong but this one turned out to be a little too off the shoulder for me. It had trouble staying on (I think it’s because of the lace edging), so it went to the frogpond.

Tangled Yoke cardigan
tangled yoke cardigan wipThis one accidentally ended up in the dryer..

Tenney park
Tenney Park FO

The problem with this project is twofold. The first problem is that the grey yarn is cheap acrylics from Zeeman. The second problem is that it ended up in the washer because I thought “hey I used cheap acrylics anyway” and then forgot that the entrelac wasn’t acrylics. Sad face.

Altocumulusfelted in the washer.. again.. How stupid can you be right? Careless, just careless apparently :'(

So why am I doing this? This long and sad list of felted and frogged projects. First of all: I don’t mind losing most of these projects. I learned a lot of different techniques and I learned one very important lesson: always choose good quality yarns for your projects. The simple reason is that I was careless with them because none of these projects actually made me happy. Surround yourself with things that make you genuinly happy. None of these actually did, otherwise I would’ve paidmore attention to how I treated them.

I guess that’s the most important lesson. At the time I used cheap acrylics yarns because I was a poor student, and because I felt I wasn’t worth it. I felt like I was only learning and should do so using cheap materials so I wouldn’t “waste” high quality products/ a lot of money. In the end I wasted a lot more than money, I wasted time (though I did learn from them). 

From now on I’m going to treat my knitting projects with a lot more care and love. I’m going to choose projects that make me really happy and excited, and I’m going to stop trowing them in the washing machine.. (lol). I’m also going to make a true effort to have a lot more garments I (or my family) can wear during the coming fall and winter <3

happy knitting 🙂

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  1. Awww…to bad about the felted projects! That’s why I almost only knit with superwash yarns…lol

    I made a great start early last year with decluttering my wardrobe the Marie Kondo way. After that I had to go out and buy 4 new trousers and 5 tops for the summer…lol I really need to get back into it though, there’s still much to declutter in my life 😉

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