Handspun (Throwback Thursday.. uhoh.. I feel a trend coming up on this blog..)

This is it. My first handspun yarn, ever. This picture was taken on april 11, 2010. At this point I had been looking at handspun pictures on Ravelry for a while and I had already told myself that I was not allowed to buy a wheel. I usually get bored easily. I start things, but I never finish them. I’ve read that this is a Gemini trait.

Not buying a spinning wheel also meant that I was not allowed to by a spindle. It’s important to mention that during 2010 I was a poor student living in Rotterdam. Allow me to point out that architecture turns out to be more expensive than you would like to believe.. they never tell you in advance how many models you’ll end up making and how absurdly high the material prices are.. *le sigh*

Let’s just say that I was broke and didn’t want to spend money on something (I thought) that I would get bored of very quickly.

I went on to make a CD spindle as well, but I don’t think I have any pictures of those. This here ‘spindle’ is what I used to create that first yarn. Looking back I’m still amazed that I’m still spinning today. That spindle really sucked…

I decided that I really liked spinning, but I really disliked the craptastic DIY spindle I had made. I decided to look for a spinning wheel.Ā (Obligatory artsy picture).

My first wheel-spun yarn. I found this wheel on the internet and, even though I’m no longer using it (it’s in storage), I really love this cute and sturdy wheel. The lady who sold it to me mentioned that she and her sister learned to spin on it in the 1970s.

Yay! Spinning away on my 2m2 balcony in Rotterdam.

I’m one of those people who likes to run before walking.. First time spinning yarn? OK! Now let’s dye it as well! I really do like this picture, the colors, the memories.. ahh šŸ™‚

I fell in love with dying fiber and tried some different things, always using food coloring and vinegar.

Midwinter Sunrise is still one of my fave’s šŸ™‚ I must say that there’s something magical about spinning. I used to be very chaotic and restless, but spinning gives me a very zen feeling. When I’m spinning I’m so at peace with everything. I’m still amazed that this is one of the VERY few things that I’m still doing on a very regular basis. There’s a lot of things I really love to do, but I hardly do them (make the time to do them), but spinning.. wow.

Creating yarn is awesome, but to me, knitting with handspun yarn is even better. I’m working on a baby blanket/ shawl/ wrap for my new to-be-born niece šŸ™‚ It won’t be done before she’s actually born because this is the first apple blossom and I still have 200 grams to spin (I now have about 600m of yarn to work through on 3mm needles).

I bought the fiber from Nunoco’s etsy shop and I’ve only spun one of the bags.

The blanket/shawl/wrap will be a simple garter stitch. I’ll probably use both the lighter colors for the center (squarish), and use the green color for the border. I’m not sure yet, I don’t even know how many stitches I cast on..

3 thoughts on “Handspun (Throwback Thursday.. uhoh.. I feel a trend coming up on this blog..)

  1. I’ve been planning to try spinning – I’ve even bought myself some fiber and a spindle on Etsy a while back… but that’s as far as it went – maybe I’ll get around to it soon! šŸ™‚
    Another great post, and the blanket looks lovely!

  2. If this is to become a trend, then I say it’s a good one. Your spinning is beautiful. I also love that shawl your are wearing.

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