Handspun #4 Creamy alpaca

handspun #4 creamy alpaca

I suck at creating names, so for now this one is called handspun #4 Creamy Alpaca. Oh dear it looks messy but I’m so happy with it I don’t care 🙂

total weight: 200 grams
meterage    : 340 meters
yarn weight: 20 WPI, n-ply

So as you might already know this is the first yarn I spun starting out with raw dirty fleece and I was very much overwhelmed. I couldn’t get it clean, then I couldn’t get all the VM off and then I couldn’t get it carded nicely. As a result every time I spent some time behind the spinning wheel I left a huge pile of debris around which was not all that great.


What I learned about the whole process was very valuable tho and I’ve started to show more respect for the raw material. This simpel act has brought up some questions about how we live and how we see our surroundings as people. It also made me wonder about how underappreciated a lot of processes are. I know for an urban kid I’ve always been a bit weird but this was suprising for myself as well. Thinking of the difference between raw fleece and clean cut rovings it made me wonder what other things are processed like this, and how I felt about it. I started thinking more about the animals that these things come from and decided that I want to buy more ‘biologisch’ from now on and less of the processed foods. I’m not going veggie because I love all foods and I think we humans are supposed to eat meat as well but not as much as we are eating right now….

This little ‘rustic’ yarn has given me the feeling of going back to our roots as human beings and trying to be more in sync with nature and everything around us. It’s amazing how we can step into a store and buy (sometimes heavily overpriced..) products and produce and think nothing of it. It amazes me that there’s children out there that don’t know where eggs come from, or don’t know that meat actually comes from an animal. Anyway, this concludes my rant 😛 for more blogrelated info schroll down, thank you 😉


handspun #4 creamy alpaca

I spun this for Tour de Fleece but was unfortunately not able to finish it in time due to a wrist injury.. I’m a new spinner and because my work at uni also requires a lot of hand and wrist movement I’m quite scared to injure my moneymakers. So the moment it started hurting I stopped and dropped everything for at least a week. Thankfully everything was ok and there’s no more pain 🙂

handspun #4 creamy alpaca

I’m really pleased with the way it turned out because, tho it’s much less regular than the other two yarns I made, it’s the one I’m proud of the most. I like how it feels unpolished like some oil painting and I can’t wait to see how it knits up.

handspun #4 creamy alpaca

Alpaca yarn is totally yummie and I love the soft halo. I also can’t believe how much dirt came off after the plying so I have to pay more attention to washing fleeces before spinning.

While experimenting with new bobbins I tried out some of the dark brown wensleydale my boyfriend gave me last month and this is how it turned out.

handspun #5 brown wensleydale

I think I need to wash it some more because the yarn still feels greasy and a bit rough to the touch. Also when handcarding it looked like there was some coagulated fat on the fleece (YUCK). I spun some and n-plied it and then (before washing) knit up a bit of a sample. I was too curious sorry.

handspun #5 brown wensleydale

I started out in stockinette stitch with a 3.0mm needle, then moved up to garter rib and then 2×2 rib. It looked very dense at this point and tho I like the texture I didn’t like the feel.

handspun #5 brown wensleydale

then I moved to a row of yo and k2togs, but it doesn’t really show on this pic, and continued with a 1×1 rib. The thing is that the whole texture is missing because of the fuzziness of the yarn. Besides that the 3.0mm seemed to small for this yarn.

handspun #5 brown wensleydale

Moving on to a bigger (6.0mm) size I realized this was exactly what it needed. I think this yarn wants space to move around and I really like how it turned out. The whole thing seems to be slanting to the left and I think that’s because of the yarn not being washed yet and the twist not set.

Before spinning this up I think I want to finish the brown alpaca first so I can combine those two into a project (tho I’m not sure yet). 340 meters is nice but it won’t make me a sweater 😛

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