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hi there! Yesterday we finished a big part of the remodeling and today I’m taking a break to blog about some knitting. The working room is now actually a place where work can be done, and I’m very happy with the changes we’ve made. This house is simply too tiny, but thanks to IKEA we’re making it work haha. I’m going to say this in advance but I’m really sorry for the phone quality of the pictures this post. I haven’t had time to grab the camera to take pictures, but I really wanted to post an update.

I finished both February socks a while ago and we’ve been wearing them constantly. I decided to take this picture to show them, and I’ll try to get an actual FO post up as soon as I’m done with the remodeling.

Last week I cast on for linesx3 and I’m loving it! I’m almost done turning the heel (this picture was taken a few days ago), and I can’t wait to finish this pair as well. I’m still a month behind but I do feel like I’m making progress.

At the moment one of the most important projects is the handspun baby blanket. The socks can wait really. I’m probably not going to wear them while it’s so warm, but the blanket really needs to get finished soon (or she’ll grow too big and won’t be able to use it).

One thing this project has taught me is that two-plies are actually very nice. What I like about chain plying the yarn is that you get to use all of it. For a 2-ply you’ll need to get about the same length on both bobbins. What I hadn’t thought of is that you can andean ply the remainder and tie it neatly to the rest of your yarn. It’s not as neat as all the yarn on both bobbins in one go, but it’s a lot less wasteful than I imagined.

Another reason why I absolutely love spinning yarn.

Another older picture. The blanket is nearly done, I think there may be about 3″- 3″ left to knit and I can move on to the edging. I’m thinking of using a larger needle and to knit a simple garter rib edging all around. The colors in the last batt are a bit darker so I think it’ll frame the blanket nicely.

I haven’t measured the length yet, but I think it will be enough for at least 1″- 2″. Hopefully next time I’ll have some better pictures and some finished objects to post!

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